Season mythic sorcerer?

This category is for you to suggest changes to the game, whether it’s in relation to the Dragons, bases, towers, PVP events, War runs, or anything you’d like to discuss.I’ve been playing for a couple years and I can’t remember there being a season mythic sorcerer released. Does anyone remember one and I’m forgetting? If not, why don’t we ever see them? Feels like a lot of hunters/warriors which are the two best in my opinion, but might be nice to mix it up.

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Mythic sorcerers that we’ve had:
Corthank (Spring 2018)
Surt (Winter 2018)
Zenko (Spring 2019)
Faf’nyr (Winter 2019)
Sepulla (Fall 2020)

Edit: I believe Merkt (summer 2017) was also a mythic sorcerer
Oh, and Phasmos was the mystic sorcerer from the very first season that we ever had.

You can find the info here (this is where I double checked my information): Dragons - Neon War Dragons


There have been 7 mythic sorcerers, unfortunately not many of them have been good.


Prenerft Surt:
Heats blade with apocalyptic intent

I was originally referring to the dragons unlocked with season keys. I only recall hunters, warriors, and (maybe?) invokers… am I missing something?

Yes apparently you missed the first answer to your post… Sepulla was only 2 seasons ago, can’t be that hard to remember unless you’re really really new to the game.


Yes, it’s there on the list. Keys started in Spring 2019 which was Ronin (hunter) and Zenko (sorcerer). So the 3 mythic sorcerers since 2019 have all used keys. That’s Zenko, Faf’nyr and Sepulla

There are so few sorcerers because they introduced Invokers in 2019 which basically takes the place of a sorcerer any time it would be paired with a warrior.

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Switch the dragons for Fall 2020, my ocd is killing me right now!!!

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I did say “not many”. But Surt was also an abomination that would have been an OP monstrosity no matter what class he was. He was broken despite being a sorcerer

Now Jorm and Lupin, those were actual good mythic sorcerers. It’ll probably be another 2 years before we see another good one

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Good thing Jorm was good. I loved the model.

not the broomstick tail

soo next season we will have Mythic Invoker and Mythic Sorcerer , right ?

Doubtful, invokers are paired with warriors, sorcerers are paired with hunters. Next season should be a Hunter and Sorcerer. As of yet they have not paired an invoker with a hunter or sorcerer. That’s not to say they cant because they obviously can do whatever they want but so far they havent.

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ok thank.

What’s a sorcerer?
U means invoker wannabe

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sorcerers suck


Thanks for clarifying. Lockjaw was my first season mythic and wasn’t really close before that so didn’t remember well. I don’t prefer sorcerers just looking for some variety.

Mythic Invokers have replaced either a Hunter or a Sorcerer in the “pre-Invoker” schedule because they’re are a hybrid class that are a bit of both (limited Ammo, charged fourth Invoke shot).

I’m dreading the time they would do a Hunter and an Invoker at the same time but it seems like they found a pattern since Spring 2019: Sorcerer Invoker Hunter… Sorcerer Invoker Hunter… Where Sorcerers are paired with Hunters and Invokers/Hunters are paired with Warriors (as Zero mentioned :laughing:).

So Mythic Sorcerers appear every three seasons, Invokers every three seasons as well while Warriors and Hunters appear twice in a row then skip one season each. That’s oddly satisfying (except for Fall 2020 I agree, booo!)

Seems unlikely they would change a working formula… Oh wait… That’s PG :confounded:

But still, unlikely :pray::pleading_face:


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