Season Planning - improve season branch rss communication

Now that the minimum amount of sigils for 20 keys has increased 7% (from 100K to 107K), both sigil and resource planning is more critical. It would be appreciated if PG could better help us plan for the 13 week season.

PG, can you provide something similar to @Morreion’s Sigil Line summary? … but at the beginning of the season?

It doesn’t have to be exact, but with 2 weeks at +20% RSS, I need to know which Frozen Chaos branch has the most egg tokens so I have sigils available.


I determine the resources per branch myself when they are released. Only takes a few minutes.

Beside taking matters into your own hands. The best rss value to sigil for the first 2 weeks are the discount branches. And one of those - Base Boost Branch - usually doesn’t have a lot of egg tokens. So almost by default - the legendary dragon discount branch will be the best bet for egg tokens.

Go complete both discounted branch by end of week2, and then save everything until week 7/8 the Champion line. That is the best solution.

Yup - last season the Resurrection Rider Branch (calling it for what it is) did have plenty of egg tokens. But you never know what PG will do with these branches going forward. Who knows - the Spell Rider Branch may have massive tokens this year and the Resurrection Rider Branch may turn into a second timer branch.

PG gave us two resurrection branches in wave 2 - they need to find a reason for players to spend sigils on them.

its going to be 7 pvp 6 pve

Edit: after completed both discounts, also go get at least 100% boost in mission bonus branch during week 3.

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:scream: corrected. Thank you for all you do.

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