Season planning


Just being lucky that I saved more rubies and chests than usual…

For the Winterjól season, what is the best option for starting the season?

  • Wait for appropriate event, open as usual.
  • Open all gold chests and save up all rubies.
  • Open all gold chests and use up all rubies.

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Open JUST enough chests and use JUST enough rubies to finish the discount dragon by the end of it’s discount period and nothing more than that.


Open in appropriate event + what Mech said.


Oh and after discount you might want to wait till the festive dragon is out. There is a very good chance it’s hunter :grin: I mean that would make it 2 warriors, 2 sorcerers and 2 hunters for the season like the last one. Buttt who knows, it’s PG we are talking about so :man_shrugging:


Hopefully I’ll have enough. Just have about 300 gold chests equivalent…


I opened about 200 gold chests and 1500 bronze during pvp at beginning of season
Added Some rubies to finish cav line in first 2 weeks, then did the egg boost and used about 50k in rubies to finish Pathox , didn’t Know it would be that easy to be honest


won’t be that easy in Gold 1…


I started the season with NO saved gold chest and 2k Rubies (I spent the 80k i saved on the previous season getting Axi) and spent all the rubies I collected on first two weeks opening gold chests, and got to about garnet stone of cav in the frist two weeks. And went on to finish cav and sylphen during the rest of the 11 weeks while hoarding rubies, managed to collect 120k in the 11 weeks, and used about 105k to finish pathox line completely. I was in a plat 4 team the first 5 or 6 weeks and then moved to a plat 2 team in the last 6 weeks or so, and we hit the 1200 sigil mark twice in that 6 weeks, so that helped alot too. But yeah it was a lot easier than I thought. :roll_eyes:


Idk though…

Kirin warrior
Axi hunter
Somnus sorcerer

Maybe but seems like it might be a warrior…
Like pg said they are gonna have events where the dragons are more of one type and less of another… with this new set up…


Should I go for the discount hunter if I am planning to get the mythic sorcerer which will only be released during the 2nd wave?


I always go for the discount dragon and stop after 2 weeks. That way I get a cheap dragon and can decide the next 10 weeks What I Wanna do


People disagree on this…
If you have limited resources and by that I mean money… it’s hard to complete both mythic branches without some $$$$

Idc how much u grind…you are probably gonna end up getting 1 or the other unless you raining benjis…

Now me personally… Ispend a little and I grind too… so I’m going for the discount dragon… and gonna just annihalate it during the 1st 2 weeks… then imma sit back until 2nd wave and I might not even get anything at all… just save them rubies and sigils until the very end.
My point is here… if u can do so… get the discount dragon… and I honestly think if your going for a branch… you should prob go for the one with the discount dragon in it… more bang for your buck… I realize that isn’t what you want… but its what’s gonna give u the most back…


It depends on your goals.
I got Pahtox for 15k extra rubie but therefore you have to get the discount dragon discounted :-D. And I opend 300 gold and over 1k bronze-chests in the first two weeks.

Winterseason I will open gold-chests just to get the 125% boost and then get the discount rider until that I will wait for all dragons available and decide what to do.
I will safe most of my goldchest for springseason.


Hopefully for that greek themed season :heart_eyes:


then get the egg token boosts. .Or if you don’t like the discounted dragon go for the egg token boosts directly.


try completing discount dragon in first 2 weeks. best open chests in PvP event.
If it takes just gold chests that’s awesome. If it takes some rubies, still great.
If it takes all rubies, even then amazing.
In short, get discount dragon in first 2 weeks, one of those weeks will most likely be breeding so you won’t be missing much unless you are more hardcore token grinder than anything else.

That being said, discount dragon this time is a fkng hunter. Who wouldn’t want him!!!


This is my question… why does everyone want to go for the egg boost first… that price isnt gonna change…
Why not spam the discount then get egg boost after 2 weeks?


egg token boost day 1 means full effectiveness.
egg token boost 3rd week means 2 week less effective.
egg token boost last day means…


This still makes no sense for people who need a good hunter dragon…at a good price… plus the goodies in the branch…
2 weeks of egg token boost isnt gonna make or break me before a breed… sorry have to disagree with that logic… going for the save like always!

I go as far as I can in discount branch at start… then I work for 125% egg boost… nvr have a problem and get my dragon and goodies…


One week less effective.

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