Season planning


One of those weeks is breeding where the egg bonus is ineffective anyway, so you only lose one of the 9 effective weeks in a season. Reasonable trade-off for gaining 1500 sigils effectively.


thats wat im doing


Need a war mercenary? :eyes:

(A controversial tactic, yet condoned by PG!)


Yes please…
Especially if Lord Tinsir himself to teach us more war strategies


What are the dragons based on?


Maybe the token boost depending on where you are in breeding


Is the first wave geared towards f2p players and 2 wave only for P2P?
Just wondering with the Discount Dragon F2P can get those mythic if they focus on Discount side they can possibly get Mythic. But it doesn’t seem like I’m able to max out both dragons on second :ocean: and finish Mythic only paying for normal side elite.

It would be cool to be able to get either without paying. I’m fine with picking one and saving sigils for a later time when festive Dragon drops.
I just don’t like being forced to one Dragon. What if discount Dragon sucks?
Most likely have to spend when Discount Rider drops…?

Well I’m going for Gunnar when it drops and maxing that out as fast as possible then trying to finish hilder later on after 2nd-:ocean:, just wanna see if I need to get 2nd :ocean:.


Norse Mythology, but not focused on main gods but more so the unheard of ones.

WinterJól (Winter- Yul)

The portraits look kind of Vikingish, but cool. I’m sure many like em but it’s not my favorite look for the male portrait…


I was able to get the full Pathox line as an “Elite only” player, though I bought a lot of gold chests with rubies saved from the previous few seasons to do it.

I would guess someone on a higher level team that got the 1200 sigil team achievement regularly, or someone throwing a lot of rubies at sigil chests instead of golds (more efficient in terms of pure sigil count, but you don’t get the cool toys that help progression so you’re somewhat hurting yourself to do so) could get the non-discount lines completed.

Pretty sure if you want EVERYTHING you have to spend to get there, though there may be some crazy active Diamond leaguer who could prove that wrong.


It depends on what your actual goal is and what you want

If you’re going for the Winterjol Puppet Pals then open your chests during Fight Pits and get the Graboid while he’s discounted. Push hard each event , ignore the riders and depending on how you think you’ll be able to do in the events, save your rubies for sigil chests

Personally Im not interested in the first 3 dragons so I’ll open my chests now, get the token boost (hopefully it works this season), get the riders and save until everything has been revealed. I’ll hold onto my rubies and see how the season progresses. I’d like to think maybe the legendary warrior could be worth getting but PG has made it clear they will never make a good legendary warrior in a season.


I dont know about the others, but my priority is breeding above all. Specially if the discount dragon is not worth it.


You dont think the discount dragon will be any good ?


I’m talking general. Not this event only.


True… I think this dragon will be decent… good spell set seems like.


Or you can skip whole season,and hold your goodies till next season.
Since this season Mythic is
A) Warrior
B) More likely will have legendary power in new tier(like Huztil)

So it might have sense to wait till new season


I’ll go egg bonus first as well. This season doesn’t really excite me… I’m a hunter snob, so at most there will be two dragons I care to get. Even with only partial use of the discount, I’ll get the 125% first, then work through Gunnar… Then see if the Festive is another Axi. If not, pick up the first page of the non-KMart rider.

Also, I poured everything into the discount first last season) and it took me nearly a full week to get to the 3k egg bonus. I’m guessing it will take two to get to 6k. Instead, I’ll hit 3k sometime on Friday-ish (since I’ll buy some golds to stock up for PvP and get sigils from that + the bronzes I’ve saved) and likely get to 6k early in week 2 vs. late in week 4. So not really just one week when you think it through. Sure, not a full two weeks either, but in my mind every token matters.


Absolutely agree!
I’m gonna get ET bonus and then hold tokens
I’m nit a big fan of Mark/type spells.
Plus in atlas this type of dragons aren’t that effective as in core game,because there is no monuments to kill it fast and recharge
I guess I’ll wait for fastive dragon and if he will be not good-I’ll skip whole season


I’m a hunter snob too :eyes: but I can say that the mythic warrior is one of the miniscule number of warriors that I’ve actually had fun flying. He might surprise you.

And by miniscule I pretty much mean 2 or 3 in the entire game :laughing: I had fun with Skarr and even though Mehatten is a POS, his laser ability is freaking awesome. That’s fun if nothing else is. This warrior would rank as my all time favorite warrior for fun skill set.


I’ll keep all rubies and wait Mythic Sorc lol


hunter looks a little too standard, is that an issue? should i be investing in egg token/riders because i can get similar hunters in the non-divine breeds?