Season planning


I was wondering the same thing. Looking forward to finding out how Gunnar flies


How is freezing and entire island standard? Lol… i get you on the cloak… and even HM… but… not snowblind…

I just hope it freezes as in disabled the tower… not like freeze like shitty Garnett mythic drag… who shall not be named :eyes:


if the freeze lasts for like 2 seconds this is one of the most standard skill sets ive ever seen… :frowning:


Hopefully it will be for longer :crossed_fingers:

If it’s like aibrean… imma get the rider at week 3 and hope for the best this season :joy:

I really want Hildr though… I’ve been wanting another guardian sorcerer for ever…


More like upgraded Avyx


Did avyx have heal mark? Been so long


It will freeze tower and stop projectiles in progress. This hunter has a pretty cool spellset and a typical hunter flying style.

Highly recommend if you want to learn hunters.


I’m a little biased, like most, with hunters…love em
Love sorcerers though… I’m pretty good with them… but I cant fly a warrior into a monument if it moved in front of me…


Gunnar is a decent dragon I would think. On the planning, and specially for those who are not aiming for any of the mythics, I think it’s quite straightforward:

Go Gunnar. No brainer. Half price on a full line and with a usable dragon on top of that. The only situation which is good not to do so, is if you are a egg grinder. Only then the egg bonus would be better.

I’m going all in for Gunnar. He’s better than airbean and Iwill get some gold chests, embers and egg frags.


This past season was my best as an E2P in a D2 team and I managed to get the token boost, the full pathox line and just finished prospero.

Started with just over 150k rubies, 2750 bronze and 160 gold. Have zero chests and only 51k rubies left.

Took saving up by only getting the token boost and one dragon over the summer and two dragons back in the Spring. We didn’t always make the 1,200 sigil team prize and stopped at quest 8 most times.

Really wanted a “mythic” seasonal hunter. It’s doable.

Now ask me if I think he’s worth it?

Not yet, and probably by the time I get him up to full power he’ll be obsolete.


I got Pathox as E2P as well, but in a Platinum 2 team instead of Diamond.

I got the token boost and the full Pathox, but nothing else.

Started with about 140k rubies, 3600 bronze and 200 gold. Ended the season with about the same rubies, 2500 bronze and 225 gold chests.

So effectively I could afford the whole thing pretty much off the resources I got over the season. The savings did allow me to get the full discount dragon at the discount price though, so they were needed.

Worth it? I’ve only had Pathox flying for a week but to me it was. Not so much because I can now crush everything, but at my level (garnet/emerald) it’s a very strong dragon that still needs skill and planning to use properly, which makes it very enjoyable to me.

However, I don’t think I will enjoy the warrior this season, so I’ll leave him be. I will get the full Gunnar line in the discount weeks again, he looks like a fun dragon and the other rewards are nice at half price too. I’ll likely get the discount rider and 125% token boost as well, and then wait until week 8 to see what else to spend on.


I mostly opened everything to get to 315. Then I had a bunch of sigils to spend and since a team mate was flying prospero around (and he looked decent) I went for him.

If the riders weren’t F-d up with the gear (thank God they’re fixing this) I would have gotten one of them instead.

Nice job!

Path is OK but he certainly struggles against big towers and hammering. I still find Fohm and even the skinless wonder to be my standby dragons of choice. Just literally only into Harb with them all. Really thought I’d be able to do more than just “evolve” them. No levels past that until I save a BUNCH more timers.


Yeah Prospero looks good, I’ve been tempted to blow all my remaining rubies and get him too. But between Avyx, Abrean, Axi, Pathox and soon Gunnar I don’t think I really need another good hunter. But it’s still tempting for sure.

Big towers and hammers are my worry for Pathox too, especially on long islands. Hoping a pimped out rider will help reduce the problem, and the upcoming spell scaling might change things as well.
Axi has much the same weak spot. I don’t have Fomhar unfortunately, but I still use Avyx as a setup dragon on some war runs where Axi lacks the punch to clear it.


I couldn’t get Pathox, I am saving to maybe (very maybe at my activity) try for most of the Mythic Sorc or wait until next season. I got Prospero because of his potential with the upcoming spell scaling. Still don’t have much legendary gear though.


Fireball attacks embed icy shards in buildings that Increase damage inflicted
Description is clear i believe, with no miscommunication.:see_no_evil:


Well, there are two other factors here…

A) Not sure my sanity can take another mythic push this season. I got personal prizes for 3 of the 4 PvP events, including topping out at #156 in Temple Raid… But it was a heck of a lot of work that throughout the weekend had me continually questioning my life choices. It was cool to do once, but going to take it “easy” this season.
B) After seeing what spending my saved rubies can do for my progression, I don’t plan on hoarding nearly as much as I used to. I expect next season to have a hunter again, so I’ll probably look to land in the 40k with some stockpiled golds this season.

So given the above, I don’t see having enough effort/resources to put into a dragon that MIGHT be fun.


I was looking for that option to vote.:laughing:

@OrcaFrost I would open enough chests and rubies to complete:

  • day 1 (PvP fighting pits) : 3150 sigils for the egg token bonus
  • weeks 1-2 (PvP and breeding) : 15,5K sigils for the discounted dragon
  • weeks 3 (PvP Kingdom wars(?) ) : 3100 sigils for the discounted rider (optional)
  • weeks 4-5 (Fort and PvP Team gauntlet (?) ) : stock sigils
  • week 6 (Breeding) : 2nd line is revealed and launched… decide the rest of the season (complete Mythic Warior line or go for the Mythic sorcerer).

I’m in the same situation and I will do what i’ve posted here.

I’ve 90k rubies and 77 gold chest for this season’s start (I started this season with 27K rubies and 86 gold chest and i blew them on the first 2 weeks).

Since I’ve earned up to 147K rubies during the current season and I’ve spent 44K during events and 40K on sigil chests, I think I will still have a lot of spare rubies at the end of the new seasons.

(the cadence is what I think it will be, I don’t know what PvP or cadence we will experience :wink:)


Remember Axi and wait for week 8…


Pathox is dope. Better than Fom. You’ll enjoy if you learn how to fly him. He’s doing very low 60+ towers at low obsidian. Anything under 60 say bye bye.


Emerald pathox is taking low 60 towers quite well. If defended then have to change flying patterns but was worth it in my roster
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