Season planning


Well except for the one time


That wasn’t me. I swear mech. Really :scream::scream:


LOL nah it wasn’t you :stuck_out_tongue:


Good cause in the feeding frenzy I try not to hit those I am not supposed to but sometimes I just do and then get yelled at.
The doctor (usually nigh or red)


LOL i really don’t mind. If i have RSS and you can take my base, go for it. I can say that my teammates are actually half decent at defending me through the night and i usually wake up with 4-6 raids and all (or most) of my RSS during fort events.


They do defend like beasts. Even when I was asked to hit higgs base lol. But that is the game


I never said always :grin:

My gear isn’t that great yet. Wait until I get to +80/+80 :muscle:


Want me to loan you my gear then? What do you have to trade for it? :grin:


I have lots of wood :eyes:


Yay, Mech is GPF again!
On topic.
Seems that any plan should wait for 4.92…




I’m only at 50/50. Been focusing on my defence gear which is also wind.


Ouch double wind, rough.

But I’m screwed this season because my defense gear is all ice so I have zero shards haha. But 97/95 gear


How do you complete a dragon in 2 weeks :neutral_face:?


Yep double wind :joy:

I actually went wind to avoid double dark the first time :rofl:


Means tons of saved rubies and gold chests


What region of numbers are you talking :neutral_face:?


The cost of discounted branch is 15.5k.

It’s about 20 sigils/ chest for gold chests.

Assuming no sigils from event, it’s about 775 gold chests.
40k rubies = 100 gold chests so…


bronze chests ~1.3/chest
gold chests ~20/chest
2 events worth of sigils + gold chests + rubies

  • gold chests contained within the line itself (~110 or so)


Oh well another lifetime then :rofl:
Got 83 gold chests and 71.5k rubies only :roll_eyes:

I am really bad with numbers :eyes: