Season reward, egg token boost



Well, after the “compensation” reward to upgrade the egg boost has been a big plus.
I think this should be the reward upgrade all the time going forwards.


I agree. It would be an awesome value.


I think it would also help contribute towards speeding lower players progress


Hell yeh it’s been awesome thanks PG. please keep it for next season the double egg boost saves a lot of the mind numbing hours grinding to make the whole game more fun


Great idea, would be nice to earn this every event but make it attainable to low level players, so not to far up the prizes, something like number 4, could replace the Bonus Prize with Egg Boost.

It has made the game so much more fun, I’m extremely excited for my next Breeding Event. Last one I didn’t get that far. But because of that boost I have 50k+ egg tokens and that’s twice as much as last time.
Thank you PG and keep up the good work.


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