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So my team was discussing the new rider in our chat and the problems with the gear. One of my teammates came up with an idea to remove the elemental requirement of seasonal rider gear. I really like this idea. A seasonal rider is something that should stand out from the other riders in the game and have unique aspects. I think it would be really attractive if the gear received from a seasonal rider could be equipped to any element. If this was the case I would certainly settle for Level 1 legendary gear, which I believe is the same as maxed out epic. This would make the seasonal armor, something that is meant for an actual in-game character, something special instead of boring old armor that just looks cool.

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these gears are really stand out in aspect of rider combat point, which is the requirement for doing rider missions
how great it is to have a rider that can do every element mission possible, no need to wait for reset time

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No need to wait? I think the timer still counts down.

but as you suggest, the element will be universal so no need to wait for anything

What does the element of the gear matter for the mission? It still takes time to complete the mission.

if the gear has no element, it doesnt matter anything at all. only the dragon bond to the rider with these gear does.
the gear has element now, so I can not bond with another dragon without costing ruby to remove the gear

Exactly, the gear can be equipped to any dragon. As is we are paying a full season branch cost for a rider and pretty weak gear that can only be attached to 1 element. Wouldn’t it be cool to have this reward usable on any dragon? It makes it more unique than your run of the mill Atlas gear

I would ask for these gear increase the combat point more so I can do 5 star mission

I would be against this only because it can be abused as you stated above.

I would imagine that the rider would be locked into doing missions that match the element of the dragon it is currently riding. However, you would be able to move the rider to any dragon without changing out the armor. You would have to pay the ruby rebonding fee if you were in a hurry to get the rider out on a particular mission if the element didn’t match up with the current dragon mount.


Honestly at that point the payout from the missions isn’t worth the rubies spent gaming the system, as it should be.

And the armor probably wouldn’t give enough attack power to do more than maybe 2 star missions…

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Should be 1 star missions if it’s truly L1 epic gear and expert season rider if the stats are the same as existing riders :grimacing::grimacing:

I did say maybe :joy: I was thinking more if they did mid-level epic gear that was “element-less” rather than lvl 1 epic gear. And since the gear wouldn’t be tied to any elements, it wouldn’t be able to be upgraded… or the whole set would require an equal mixture of all the elements.


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