Season Rider Leilani

I am not finding where to add Leilani as a rider. Per information the old way to add riders is no longer there. Since rider is offered, there must be a way to add he rider. Can someone please assist with information? Thank you.

It’s still the same.
You need to claim Leilani’s shard from Seasonal branch, then use it to get her.

Enter the Rider Menu here:

Then go to the unhired tab search for Leilani ten hire her.
(Obviously you need to claim her rider shards from her seasonal branch)
Then go to hired tab pick Leilani and bond her to the dragon of your choise.
(Also obvious but will mention it, you need to bond her to the dragon you will put on your perch)

If you need more assistance feel free to ask more questions :wink:


I’m gonna take a risk and assume OP have took a long break and wasn’t here when the new rider menu was introduced. So he/she is used to the old rider button in the roaster.


Abediah and I both thank you. I was looking at the old way and have found where now. I appreciate the picture as it was most helpful.

You’re both welcome :grin:

Edit: @moderators i guess this thread can be closed as OP got it’s answer

I’ll close this since it seems the question has been answered. If you feel the thread needs to be reopened, just send the moderators a message and we’ll open it back up for you :hugs: