Season Riders Questions

Well this may be to early, but, to open discussion.

We know we are getting 2 this season for sigil prizes, and the rumour seems to be a wind and a dark. Has anyone heard different?

And if so, why the heck another dark since we had one last season. Wind is just gonna make kinnarus even more deadly, as it will noc…

So if PG is reading this and considering another dark, please please rethink and consider a earth rider.

That is really the only thing i would care to get this season. The dragons are already super meh… And i do not need another dark since i have grogg. And i do not have kin(nor would i want that pink POS), and no desire for the horse thing other than possibly runes for borg as it will be eons before i hit emerald

So really, as its shaping up this season you have nothing to offer me of real interest; and this in turn means i have zero incentive to even spend a little.

The rest, :woman_shrugging:, we’ll see when more details gets released.

I wouldn’t worry about how strong Kinnarus is. It is a moot point until the dragon/tower/spell rebalance are complete. It will be an entirely new game after the rebalance so we will just have to see what the future holds.

Wind was officially mentioned, nothing about the 2nd element has been confirmed. Dark is an unsubstantiated rumor for now.

As far as runes for Borgian you are in luck. Equestoers runes work on Borigian, that has been confirmed. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Happy flying!


Are riders worth getting for every level? Like I’m only level 60 and if I ever decide to use my sigils to get one I wonder if a rider will change anything for me during attacks (I’m only asking because I thought I’ve once read somewhere that riders were useless for low levels)

If you can max out a rider, you can keep transferring him to stronger dragons of the same element as his armor. Riders last forever. You will outgrow your dragons eventually.

Plus riders give some really nice stats if you level up the skill tree wisely.


just dont forget that seasonal riders dont need rider XP skill since they dont need XP to level up, they only need shards or an equivalent to a divine dragon’s evolution stone.

Also, total SP is 130 and maxing out one skill per column will use up 115 SP while you have an additional 15 SP for another resistance skill to max out

You have to decide for yourself if a rider is worth more to you than a dragon. But I can tell you that a rider does make a difference at any level. My maxed out Grogg adds 40% Power to my Necryx (20% attack power actually and 20% HP). So it’s pretty significant. And, as Liz said, I’ll be able to move him to any dark dragon in the future if I want to.

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