Season Saving and Planning

I’ve counted up the minimum amount of gold chests (145 minimum) I could get if I finished Gilas and Imix this season, and I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to finish them both. My goal this season is to save all my chests and rubies, and I will also be skipping super sigil chest this season, in order to prepare for the next season to try and get a mythic dragon. I will also be saving all my special resources, and using this season as a saving start. I’m currently level 271. Is this a smart plan, or should I continue with this season as normal, and if I continue with this plan, do you think it could be possible for me to obtain a mythic seasonal dragon next season?


Might be more advantageous to purchase ssc and use the sigils on draconic chests. Then keep opening draconics and use the sigils to buy more of them.

As long as your not a lazy player, the extra rss will help earn extra sigils, rubies, tokens, and timers from events next season. 13x 1-3k extra sigils makes a huge difference.

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I know this sounds stupid, but I’m new here, and what does ssc mean? :joy: excuse my stupidity

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Not stupid at all! Ssc refers to Super Sigil Chests. These are chests that can be bought for rubies in the last two weeks of a season. You pay 5000 rubies for 10 chests, and they give you, on average, 1250 sigils.

The other thing he mentions is the draconic chests. That’s specifically referring to the repeatable draconic chest node found at the end of the festive line. After finishing the festive (normally 18.000 sigils), you can buy 4 draconic chests for 500 sigils, and repeat this up to 150 times.

These two things combined can give you a very efficient way to spend your rubies at the end of a season, to build up resources for the next season.


So I should save my sigils for now, and use them when the festive dragon comes out the next season, not this season? (for next season)

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Saving chests (platinum, draconic, gold, and bronze) to get a mythic next season seems like a reasonable plan! If you are worried about having enough sigils next season to finish getting a mythic, I would recommend not spending any rubies this season, that way if you need to you can buy Super Sigil Chests at the end of next season to finish things up.

You could also save your sigils (this season) and get the festive dragon, instead of making more progress on Gilas or Imix. At the end of the festive dragon line is a repeatable chance to trade 500 sigils for 4 draconic chest. Buy the chests this season but wait and open them up next season to get sigils back to help you get the mythic.

I would also recommend buying gold/platinum chests from the trader, which tends to be an even better deal, just considering sigils, than the draconic chests from the festive branch. So, my advice would be, 1) save rubies and chests, 2) buy chests from trader, 3) use this season’s sigils to get chests in the most efficient way (which is probably not Gilas or Imix.


Ahhh ok. So for now I’ll just save my sigils and focus on getting chests for next season, and when the festive dragon comes out, I’ll use my sigils on that dragon for the draconic chests. Thanks for the help!


Don’t spend any more sigils gilas for now,
After nerf and discount he is decent but not worth 37k sigils. definitely don’t spend sigils on the soceror.
You’ll need around 200-300 gold chests, and maybe spending your rubies and sigils on getting 300-400 draconics from the festive dragon line

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Or instead of Imix get the festive and claim as many draconics as you can with your saved sigils and ss chests.
Lots of options.

I should have read down further….lol

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Are you pushing in breeding, fort, and PvP events? The thing about draconics is that draconics give a lot of rss, but not a lot of sigils relative to their cost (4 for 500 sigils in the repeatable node). Note that I’m setting Gold chests as the standard. Use draconics to push further ahead in events, but for trying to finish the discount lines within the 2 weeks, keep a healthy stash of rubies for golds. Personally, I usually recommend Golds to my teammates because most of them don’t min-max strats.

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Actually draconic give pretty much equal sigils to gold chests when you get them from the line. 4k rubies gets you 10 golds, which give 200 sigils average.

4k rubies in super sigils gets you about 1k sigils, which get you 8 draconics, which get you 192 sigils average, plus other drops worth 16 golds.


I’m aware of that. However, there is upfront cost to getting the draconics, aka the 18k sigils you spend to get to that repeatable node. Gold chests require no upfront investment. I’ve created a spreadsheet where I’ve assigned costs to the rss in specific lines and chests types to help my min-maxing teammates make those cost analysis decisions (that I’ve shared in a previous post).

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The 18k gets you 3 keys too, getting keys anywhere else would carry a similar cost, so if you’re getting a mythic just incorporate those 3 keys as part of your plan, and the “extra cost” is gone.

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Presumably, OP would be getting draconics to help in the next season, so while each key is worth 600 sigils to help with the next season, doesn’t really matter for that season.

Also, I’ve found the 5k drop sequence ssc to be very unpleasant in terms of the RNG. I really dislike them personally and at times have found hitting the avg requires more rubies than I would care to spend.

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With the 5k drop, the average isn’t changed significantly due to it. It is a matter of 6 sigils per chest.

To be quite honest, if you use rubies to get the ssc to get the draconics then open those draconics first event of the new season it will free you up to open your golds in any event you wish. You don’t have to open them during pvp. You could open them in breeding, which is slightly less sigils but gives those tower boosts if you are running low. You could also then open them in fort for building resources, which also has the same sigil average as pvp.

The average for sigils in draconics is higher, but you need minimum 250 but preferably about 500 chests to get that average. You also get more inner fire, energy packs, mythic fragments, and hours of timers than you would from golds opened during pvp. They ARE the pvp items chest and there is a reason why many of us plan to get festive and as many draconics as we can.


For the super sigil chests, I wasn’t referring to the average per overall sequence, I was referring to your position in the sequence. Being in a bad spot means you have to open a lot more to get the overall average. I’ve been opening way more chests now to hit that avg than before.

Which leads me back to my attempt at providing some context to OP’s question. Most people in Platinum-Gold don’t min-max, and may fall short of having enough rubies to maximize the value of draconics and super sigil chests.

I don’t know OP’s activity or league placement. It’s quite possible that OP falls into that small percentage of active players than calculate how far their rss will take them and where to stop.

Well, to add some context, my team is in Platinum IV, Endofdaysplays, and I’m pretty active. I push as much as I can in all events, despite being a lower level.


What prize tier do you reach in PvP, Fort, and Breeding? For example, 199k in Temple Raid, 3 mill in Fort, 116k in Breeding? Do you have a general idea of how many rubies you save per season?

Another important consideration, what team quest and team participation tiers does your team usually reach?

What do you mean by this? Are IF and energy included? (Sorry just started reading this thread if this is answered later)

Regardless get 8/8 prize in every event at a min… and save beyond that. You’ll be fine for next season if you do that.

If they are going for a mythic next season, using sigils (but not rubies) to get the festive branch then as many draconic chests a possible this season is probably one of the most efficient ways to “launder” Strangelands sigils into next season sigils.

  1. Chests from the trader are more efficient.
  2. Someone who cares enough to do math could probably figure out how many sigils you need to spend in the festive branch to beat the fort/rider lines, which contain good chest drops.