Season themes, Greek and whatever else

My generalized thoughts on a greek season theme and some clip art of what mythological creatures the dragons and riders could be based on…
Add, suggest, or comment on your thoughts.

A Medusa themed dragon: Warrior

A Harpy themed dragon: Sorcerer

A Mantiacore themed dragon: Hunter

A Pegasus themed dragon: Warrior

An Orthus themed dragon (Cerberus brother) add wings ofc… Warrior

A chimera themed dragon: Hunter

A hydra themed Dragon: warrior/sorc.

A hippocampus themed dragon:

ANY of the riders ofc could be the greek gods… there are obviously tons to choose from… also the portraits could be anything from creatures to beasts to the greek gods as well…

Thoughts on spells? Rage costs? Etc…

This is a brainstorm only so its mainly for fun… what would u add or take away… ?

These are just some of my personal favorites.:grin:


I’d love to see Zues as a rider :heart_eyes:


Right!! Holding that thunderbolt :smiley:
Or Aries…
Or Hercules…
Or Athena…
Or Artemis…
Or Aphrodite…




let’s see how many people know this one :grin:


Is that ladon? Guardian of Heras garden ?

Lernaean Hydra


Love the greek idea. Also suddenly hungry. To me the Greek philosophers and architecture and other cultural gifts are a bit more interesting than the really well known gods and goddesses.

Really like the hippocampus (poseidon related?) idea… though we already had Equestor.


Wouldnt it be awesome if they made the island map look like the greek city, parthenon as your structural city…

The portrait for the hippocampus could be like a siren?

I think its the hydra from HOMM

The god of rider, KRATOS!!!

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I disagree with the Warrior class, I’d rather see it as Sorcerer, since it could petrify towers. In Greek mythology she’s either depicted as a cursed woman or a monster.


I’d love a Hades themed rider and portrait

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PG would have to use a crappy economy to get the right feel for a Greek season…oh wait, the PG economy is already screwed up. We are half way there


Be a nice idea for a twist on a freeze spell :smiley:
In that since it could also be a hunter too…

Since hunters come with freeze these days :smiley:
And shes usually depicted with a bow… which just makes me think hunter after thinking about it lol

So the medusa-themed one definitely has to paralyze towers - maybe like desiccating sand? Or perhaps a one-hit spell like death gaze, that permanently disables the tower instead of killing it.

The chimera could be interesting - give it a classic “warrior” spell, a classic “hunter” spell, and a classic “sorcerer” spell. Maybe even give it an attack that’s some weird combination of the different class’ attacks - unlimited but very low-damage hunter shots maybe?

The hydra offers some fun possibilities for yellow spells - say, have it grow more heads and deal more damage as it loses health. Or even a sacrifice-style mechanism where it cuts its own health to boost damage.

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Wow I love your ideas for sure!!

The chimera would need 3 parts for sure where its 3 separate entities…

Maybe like a. MYTHIC.hunter,sorcer, warrior in 1.

Deadly roar -white spell 1 (edit) rage. Damage all towers in range, decrease damage received by 50% from affected tower. (able to use while cloaked.) 10 second CD
Poison Fang- 1 rage- blue or red spell (like somnus spell), poison damage to all nearby towers in range increasing over duration.
Hidden Shadows - white cloak- 2 rage. Increases hunter amo regeneration and small amount of Health while cloaked, dispurses scatter damage upon uncloaking (like itzani) 3 second CD.

Dark flak resist

I don’t think a modified intimidating roar ( we have one back in the day with Algor right?) and damage-over-time spell would be well received by the community.

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Your prob right but everyone keeps saying these divines are too OP… or they to weak lol… not really much going these days to appease the community no matter what u do.

Also trying to match up the 3 entities…
Lion, snake, and demon thing lol

But… releasing a dragon with spells that are inherently known as bad would not fix the problem of balance. I don’t have Algor, so I can’t tell if Dreadful roar is effective. But three rage is quite an expensive spell. Assuming it has the same spell radius/range as intimidating roar, which I have on Anapa. The dragon would be a massive fail.

The one rage d.o.t is not worth it based on general feedback from Cua, who is compared to a flying ballista.

Edit: I like the fact that you’re trying to mix in the themes. However, I believe most people would rather have a dragon with a good spell kit before taking other things like theme into consideration.

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Artemis and Apollo use bows as well

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