Season themes, Greek and whatever else


We had Roman themed dragons last winter. Greek would cool to explore as well.


Was hippocampus a typo? :joy: brain dragon


Actually… no… :joy:


However your not entirely wrong either just not fully informed since most medical words are derived from Greek and Latin origins anyway


Could be some awesome looking riders I say… or even portraits for dragon branches :grin:


HOMM3 chaos hydra :grinning:


Greek and Norse mythology make me weak in the knees :confused: If this were the theme for Spring I wouldn’t be allowed to quit until Summer. Curse my hobbies.


Right! I honestly would probably go after everything in the greek or even Egyptian theme… but that’s just a personal biased though… very fascinated with that stuff…
Also a Japanese theme would be entertaining as well… as they have a lot of dragons in their history as well.


I’d be a big fan of this theme. Think it would go well for a summer season


I think so too orfus! Summer would deff be a good place to implement such a theme…


Thinks back to spring season 2018, when Leos, Equestor, Gladicus, Neptus and Tor were the thing…
Isn’t that greek themed season? :thinking:


I feel like that is more Roman actually…if that was their best attempt at greek mythology they missed it by a Mile…although roman and greek mythology are very similar they are deff not the same…

Neptus- Neptune roman god of the sea…
Gladicus- gladiator…roman…
Leos- leo constellation… could be the lion from greek lore but that’s a stretch at best…
Equestor… doesnt really fit in either…


Tor was definitely based on Poseidon :thinking:

Since they match so much.

I’d love to see Chinese and Japanese versions.


I’ll give u 1 out of 5 then lol . So not really a theme then lol…

Yes they have some cool gods as well… and even lots if dragon lore in the jap/Chinese myths… would be very interesting…
I’m still waiting for Egyptian too… that would be awesome as well.

The thing is with all these… you dont have to have just 1 season… could do many down the road as there are so many different figures in each history to choose from.


Scylla anyone?

And the gorgon needs three heads for her sisters.


I like this idea :blush:

Thor is imo one of the most badass looking. He kinda looks Poseidon in a way. Grogg looks a bit like Ares too.

Depending on spells they could even add special rider skills accordingly: rage to Ares, health to Hercules and so on…


That season was based on the Roman games which were held in honor to Jupiter. Before its official release I thought the greyed out Neptus pic was going to be named Jupita (for Jupiter) because it looked surrounded by lightnings (they were actually waves).

To see the picture you need to increase the luminosity of your device to the maximum :wink:

So we had :
Edit : we forgot Avyx :joy:

  • Avyx : a known symbol for the Roman empire.
  • Equestor : for the chariot races in the circus, with two or four horses.
  • Leos : from the venationes, “wild beast hunt”, where gladiators fought hungry animals, or where animals fought against each other.
  • Gladicus : just as you said, gladiator, in the coliseum.
  • Neptus : Neptune indeed, maybe because they either wanted to “save” Zeus/Jupiter for another season, like a Greek season, or because there sometimes were naval battles during those games in the middle of the Coliseum.
  • Tor : not to be confused with the Norse god “Thor” (@EvilNat :wink:) is probably a diminutive for torrent and looks like Neptune/Poseidon. I even called it Poseidon :grin: just because I could and it sounded too much like Thor…


Was gonna suggest that there should be an equivalent of HOMM3 Azure Dragons, but I guess we’ve already got Drude.


I know, I live in Sweden :joy:


Equestor is based off the root word equeste which I believe is Latin for horse. Memory is a bit foggy this morning but yeah. Latin is basically Roman. Horses pulled chariots. It’s Roman enough.