Season themes, Greek and whatever else


An Oni is a Japanese mythical beast. Just saying.


100% :star_struck:


Right but we are discussing entire themes for seasons… not just a random here nor there :grin:


Wow, I expected to drop in to see a bunch of flagged Breeding event jokes :joy_cat:


I’m not sure if that’s good or bad :joy::joy::joy:


Isn’t Oni = Demon (japanese)?
I mean closer to demon than beast.


The Furies

(One image removed for nudity due to 13 year olds on the forums/game)


An Oni is a type of Yōkai (Demon). Ryuu means Dragon. So Ryuu the water dragon is Dragon Dragon. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Greek mythology I kind of hate. This summer lets have an Egyptian themed season.


Care to post some ideas besides you just hate it lol…

Show us some pics of things you’d like to see?


I’m working on a concept of Egyptian/desert themed dragons.


I’m totally down for that!


Equus is the Latin word for horse :wink:


So I couldn’t find a ton of clip art for Egyptian based theme… but here is some stuff I found…


Sapphire dragons were egyptian. See Anapa.


We need an H.P. Lovecraft inspired season.

This beast as a dragon would be awesome:

Besides its awesomeness, I could take our souls instead of our money to get the right amount of sigils to get it!


Yes, but they were made years ago.


New idea for festive dragon! Axi’s sister :grin:

Be nice to have a family of Axi’s like the family of dodo’s

@PGCrisis I’m sure you will agree :grin:


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