Season winter tide


I just had a few things for pg 1 why give us 3 runes for one dragon that can only use 2 runes? Why not at least make it 2 runes one glyph? 2. Why does the legendary rune at least for Leo’s only have one effect instead of two like all the other legendary ruins and glyphs.


I have read these questions already. I suggest using the search bar instead of duplicating threads.


It’s to hard to search in these forums so where do I find my answer would be a great help


There is no answer other than giving a Epic rune to people who can’t get all 3, which of course makes no sense when they could have just made one of them a glyph instead of making most players collect a useless rune (unless you have Borgian and when the Equestor or whatever its called line or I guess Leos but apparently his are broken)


Ya that they are even the epic one doesn’t have two effects!


I searched for “3 Runes”:

Closing for duplicate.