Seasonal base skins

PG created base skins awhile ago. They have not offered any new ones since then. Why not do some seasonal skins? They could create one for the theme of the season. They could offer skins for major holidays.
What would you think of a souldance base skin?


It’s a good idea, an Ossuary base skin would fit this seasons souldance dragons.

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They used to, sucks if they’ve stopped doing it. We had a halloween one a couple of years ago which was night themed with pumpkins and stuff. Was cool, would love to see another!

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I think they have a seasonal base skin but only for those that unlock both mythics… so really tough to obtain.

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Not this season, lots of players on my team claimed both mythics, but didn’t get a new skin.

That seems like a glitch, there’s definitely one in the Base Skin menu that says “Collect two Summerkai mythic dragons to unlock”

SummerKai was the Summer season before this one - the one that just ended is called SunScorch.

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Oh… I thought the tropical theme seemed weird for this last summer season. Thanks for clarifying!

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I miss full base skins - the free ones. Especially the snow in winter, that one was so beautiful.


i agree

@PGGalileo why no skin for getting both mythics!

I think it’s too hard for them to code for. Kinda sucks :s


Also wondering where the base skin is for double mythic? Would be shame to set that precedent and rescind for those of us that put in the same effort as our peers who already acquired the reward. :man_shrugging:t3:


I agree! It’s the only reason I got lockjaw instead of trading in my extra keys for chests. I know a lot were expecting to get it or at least some reward for getting both. Release the base skins! :call_me_hand:t3:

I second this motion! Would be a great apology gift for all the shenanigans this past season.

Great idea about something for mythics from last season.
But i was hoping for something for the current season either as a pack or in a special line. The art work is awesome so far would love to see them tie in a base skin.

In 2017 there was a winter and later a spring theme.
Sadly, I haven’t seen it since.
Hopefully pg makes more because a little change is cool

@PGGalileo can we please get some insight here?

I am trying to bring back Seasonal base skins! And the team is interested in creating them again. That’s all the info I have for now.


Would love to hear if they’re going to release a skin for this season. It would motivate me to try getting both mythics :laughing: