Seasonal branches locked out a day before the season ends?

Seasonal lines appear to have been locked out. I was planning on spending, oh, 26k sigils during the 1 day, 12 hours that this screenshot informs me I still have, and now I can’t. :confused:

Can this be resolved? The armory will be disappearing naturally in about 6 hours, and we can’t currently use it due to this bug.

@PGCrisis @Arelyna


If you click the “i” info icon, and then one of the season lines, it brings you into the season / prize lines and looks like you should be able to select your prizes

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You’re a life-saver. Thank you!

(This is a workaround. While I’m grateful to not be screwed here, most people won’t find this on their own; it still needs to be resolved in-game. @PGCrisis @Arelyna )

Maybe its the penalty for sparing too long?

This should be fixed! Thanks for the heads up @Tinsir


That was absurdly fast, thanks for being so consistently excellent.

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