Seasonal Community created portrait contest?

(Before edit the idea was to be able to upload a personal portrait) Who else thinks it’s a good idea? Can even put a ruby cost to do it. Or would something like this cause a drag on servers?

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Which Avatar?

Sorry mean portrait lol

Okay where? Forums?

Portrait here is tied to in game. And I did mention ruby cost :wink:

This was discussed recently here

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Meh I see that as just an excuse… only real issue is obscenity controls

I mean is not an excuse because is not coming from PG, is just my opinion on it.

No, just flat out no. 80% of Supports job would become removing inappropriate portraits.


Lol yea that’s why I’d mention it being a problem. Granted there could be an approval process, but that would pull unnecessary resources away from other aspects of the game.

Now we could do a seasonal community portrait (where members submit their art), where the forum votes prior to the season starting.

I like the uniqueness of the portraits. I don’t wanna see some picture you found off of google.

No. Just… no. :joy:


Creating the season portraits is already hard work, especially very long. Checking the portraits created by the players would take time, and most would be rejected. So it would be just a waste of time.


make a poll, bud. i’ll vote no.

Yep and a point i had already brought up And agree pg needing to review portraits would be a waste of time l, but allowing community members to vote among portrait designs the community has made wouldn’t be so difficult.

This portrait would be separate from the ones PG design’s and the forum would vote on the best one. That would essentially remove the need for PG reviewal since it would need to follow forum guidelines anyhow. And only allowing one community portrait a season (maybe less often :man_shrugging:t2:) would also keep the exclusivity aspect of the current portraits.

I think this is unnecessary. Too many resources within the company would have to be diverted off of more critical tasks to focus on filtering. We all know too well what bored or influenced people do on the internet…

Is good in theory but it only takes one to make the whole concept turn sour.

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Lol no. Full stop.

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