Seasonal dragon ideas and stuff...?

Okay hear me out- I’ve got an idea that involves regular players helping out with the creation of seasonal dragons

Or if you dont want to read the doc, here’s the idea in (kind of) a nutshell
Players submit dragon designs (either a description or a piece of art) that have a certain theme (theme is decided by mods; design posted on the forums in a specific thread or something), other players vote using likes or something or the staff and mods decide what design(s) they like best
Mods put out a poll w/ diff themes and players vote.
This was just a random thing I thought of earlier so ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Also I’ve set the doc link to (anonymous) suggestions, so if you want to add anything then go for it (‘cause the idea might have a few gaps or whatever)

Katze: Summer Season Dragons

Summer Season - Katze … Pleeeease


ig like that but WD actually adds the dragon to the season

We were serious when we asked for it to be made. :crazy_face:

A cat themed season would be nice ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Edit- they have renard which is a fox-based dragon, tarand, a caribou-ish dragon, and axi, but no cats
Edit Number 2: Actually there’s Asura

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Gotta keep it going…

Maybe we could get together a bunch of artists and writers and create our own seasonal dragons and whatnot like you people did with the cats

For the official record and posterity, Hwrd fully and completely supports the Katze movement in all seriousness. Git er done!


Cat dragons? Here’s one:
Panthera (hunter): The shadow stalker. Stalk, 2 rage, white spell, same effects as Asura’s stalk. Pounce, blue, 1 rage, damages towers in target area and restores a portion of health. Ambush, blue, 2 rage, cloaks dragon for a short amount of time, but dragon can still attack. Snare, white, 1 rage, disables towers until the towers take damage.