Seasonal Dragon Practice Runs

What if players were able to do test runs of the seasonal dragons on specially designed practice bases? The player won’t get any rewards for doing so, but they can decide for themselves on which dragon they would prefer. Maybe there could even be a limit as to how many times they can fly that dragon on a practice base during the season.


If all players got to personally fly them individually then yes… I absolutely think this is a great idea… dont really like taking someone else’s opinion of it until I see how I can fly it myself…

Good idea!

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That wohld be amazing but then it might make the game even more glitchy o. O other than that it would great!

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Didn’t @Dari suggest something like this a while back? :thinking:


It’s been suggested many times before.

My suggestion was to do it as an “assualt” style flying scenario where they would auto load your roster with the season dragons all of a certain tier meant to hit those levels. Then you could at least get used to flying them against certain level towers. Zero energy type thing, just an accessible screen for a week or so at the release points of a season. And against bases with mages that are half decently set up at least for their tier.


This would deff make it easier for those wasting on a dragon that they didnt like and could decide this way before hand… hope this takes off.

It’s something that I can try to push, but it’s going to be rather far down the list of things i’d like implemented. There are quite a few more pressing issues ATM lol (as you probably are aware)


I don’t think this is a bad idea necessarily, but I’d much prefer them to use resources towards fixing bugs and improving the game in other areas. While neat, I think this should take fairly low priority if they work on it.

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I like this idea too. Nice

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