Seasonal dragon preview Part 2 - Maybe?

So after a hugely disappointing Twitch stream,

Could we please request a video of someone flying these dragons against said bases, but with the following prerequisites:

  1. The tower “bug” is restored - so we can see what the dragons do, other than die on first shot

  2. Someone to fly them that has played the game a bit more. It’s not all that pleasing to see someone trigger a blue shield while there is a blue mage coming into view. Or shooting spells at mage warded towers etc.

(I initially wanted to say someone that has played the game before, but thats pushing it a bit far. I will say its hugely concerning that the gave dev that works on things like dragon balance, hasn’t spent more than a cursory number of hours flying, it does however explain quite a bit about end game inbalances)

Maybe just post a youtube video? Shouldn’t take more than 3 mins per run, so maybe 15 mins work?


The reason I ask is not really so much about changing things, but it would be useful to see if the perceptions are correct. Some of us could then maybe just complete the branches and not hatch the dragons. Saves a lot of food.


Impressions are
*Leo = Junk. The poor thing couldn’t even DPS down undefended level 50 farms, while bleeding so had all his max boosts applied. Can you imagine simple hammer spam. A 600m attack power dragon. Arg shame man.

*Equestor: Seems to have the same problem as Merkt. Only difference is you will be able to cook a few things with the thunderstorm before you die, as long as its undefended. Else you will just die.

Think he is Merkt v3.x

  • Avyx. Looks fairly viable. Seems to have similar problems than Snowflop. I reckon he will be a pretty average dragon. Not a lead, but definitely a viable wing. Sadly didn’t see much Talon strike, so can’t really comment on that. But in general he looks okish. Not a Necryx or Noctua, but definitely viable.

About what I thought too. Glad to get some confirmation. Riders it is!


I agree… The stream was pitiful. Not an accurate representation at all.


Yeah, I agree. I hate to diss somebody’s flying skills. I’m sure it was tough to concentrate when he was trying to talk and do the video at the same time. But I got zero idea of what those dragons could do from that stream…


Though I can’t claim to have a large swath of flying experience, I’m definitely aware that my flying ability reflected poorly on stream. It’s challenging to both speak and fly properly at the same time, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the dragons were poorly represented. For future streams, we’ll look into pre-recorded gameplay footage. It will certainly be better to comment on the recorded gameplay rather than trying to display and comment on it in real time.


But i watched you yesterday, and you were trying your best in live stream. So thank you for that. It would also be better if you do videos for each dragon. Not all three attacking one base :wink:

I am not sure if you remember me, i was the guy who told you why you looking so sad :joy:

Its not about flying and attacking at the same time. There was two of you in stream. One talks while one flys :+1:.

Explaining skill sets better will help alot more also. “Den” views help while explaining, That way u don’t have to talk and fly at the same time…

Seeing thw new season dragons Die :coffin: in first 5 secs dosent make for good viewing :laughing:. Nor dose it give me any reason to want to get any of them. (Maybe just get rider / riders… and then have a load of sigils left over to throw in the trash at the end of the season.)

I remember that comment! Thank you for pointing it out. I don’t have the most experience on stream but sometimes a little reminder to perk up and make better eye contact with the camera goes a long way to providing an enjoyable stream experience =)

Appearing on stream to preview the dragons was a rather short notice thing so hopefully in the future we’ll be better prepared to properly show off the Dragons (Time to plan out videos, etc).


Pre-recorded is the way to go. Remember every season this stream is akin to a car manufacturer releasing a new car to the public - you want everything to be super scripted and everyone knows exactly what is going to happen.

Pre-recording the runs will also allow you to engage with the CF to create it - many of them have suggested running on defended bases. You can coordinate with them on which bases, and, perhaps get some of them to fly the dragons themselves (I’m sure they have many more flying hours than a majority of your developer team)


I know it is too early to probably speak but has anyone gotten any of the dragons? Can someone else do a quick video and if there is one out can someone point me in the right direction. Please

I appreciate the honest ownership of the “issues” flying live on stream and viable solution going forward. This is exactly what I/we have been wanting from PG – Thank you @PGLawson for giving it your best, listening to feedback, and making a change. : ]

This is how to use Creators Faction talent right here. Some of these members have good flying skills (can’t judge the others because i haven’t seen them) and most of them are knowledgeable in the game to have the connections to plan out some defended attacks against friends on other teams who wouldn’t mind donating RSS to the cause and getting one or two teammates to defend.

They also may very well have an alt on the team which they can sub out for a PG member to join and watch/record the flights and judge for themselves.

I think it’s a great solution which will both improve dragon development as well as give the Creators Faction a more integral role rather than just being an announcement squad so people know what the next event is.


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