Seasonal dragons

Now all the season dragons have been realised the true questions is…

If you could go back in time to the beginning of the season which dragon would you unlock?

Exactly what I did: Aibrean at 1/2 off ->token boost -> jojobowbow at discount -> fubar.


same for me Aibrean at half price ==> Token Boost ==> Oksana 1st page at half price ==> Nollaig

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Well, I kinda got all of them expect Fomhar… So… exactly what I did.

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Wow. How’d you manage that :open_mouth:

iTunes cards and gold chests I saved from last event. I’ve not finished the new Samhrar or whatever yet. I wanted Cort lol

I have to ask. Is this a dragon or a rider?

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Lol cool cool :+1:

@ OP I went for token boost --> Oksana’s first page on discount --> saved up 3k sigils for this week’s dragons. Going for Fomhar and have already almost completed his first page. Hoping to get his Garnet stone or higher. I think I finally know what I’m doing this season lol.

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It’s the rider, Oskana

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Egg Boost -> As far as possible with Aibrean during discount - > first page of Oksana during discount -> Fomhar.

Which is exactly what I have done fortunately. Would like to have gotten farther with Aibrean during the discount (for the prizes), but otherwise, no regrets.

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Get everything discounted —-> forge/purchase scrolls for atlas gears only and skip purchasing the sigils through gold chests.

80% buff gears will make everything OP. And it doesn’t go away with time.

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