Seasonal Imbalances

I have noticed slight imbalances with towers. I will list some, feel free to add to or criticize what I say!
1- Krelos
Where to begin, first he was the discount dragon. Which is completely fine and I love the concept of two weeks discounts. But how we can basically death gaze towers, evade projectiles, and complete runs in a very minimal time frame. Is amazing. But he is rather annoying to defend against since he’s The Godfather of all dragons.

2- Howi/Drakul
The howi is an extremely good tower for its incredible range and completely overpowered damage. I get you can blink the shots, but the rate of which it fires feels like a machine gun. Currently it is incredibly OP, but if you wait a couple tiers and seasons it should balance out, as seen with Sylvix.
The drakul is amazing for damage and I think dragons need to have a way to dodge beam damage. But like I stated before hopefully dragons will adapt for this. But with two legendary dragons in this season that can freeze towers I feel pretty good about balancing tower to dragons.

Again, feel free to add or question what I say. Have a great night/ day!

I feel I should ask what level you are/what tier you are as it will help me understand where you are coming from


At that point your towers should be able to easily withstand Krelos defended.
Howie is beatable by many dragons and easy to avoid. It doesn’t shoot that fast.
Pylon if you can deal a bunch of damage, freeze cloak etc. it is useless


Howitzer is useless against my Hunters/Invokers. As Ruru saied its easy to avoid.
I have Howitzer on my base and most of the time it seems useless
Edit 2.
Now Ruru, go back to my post XD i don’t fully understood the answer

Unfortunately I haven’t been very active since 2018, just started up again.
So getting used to spells and such is rather odd lol. It’s probably just me being trash at the game.


A lot of dragon now update to the new tower
Naja shield block all damage
Zen 2 way cloak to dodge howi and sand spell, lockjaw 2 shield to block/ tank shot along with a freeze
Callavore freeze and zero cooldown cloak, Sepulla 2 way freeze, ikaros flash spell and elemental immunity, quarsa shield, flash and freeze
And krelos can cripple a base but not actually can solo a base unless you’re low lv or hitting down ( krefeeble aswell)


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