Seasonal Mythics now need 30 keys?

In previous seasons there was at least one decent mythic and more than half the seasons both were viable.

This is the first season I can think of where neither mythic is very appealing. We have an invoker that is strong if flown well but too slow in atlas and pvp and a warrior that is extremely weak and fragile.

Is it now the case to make mythics viable we need to complete more lines to get both the spell rider and the extra mythic runes and that going forward this is now the only way to have useful mythics?

I.e. just getting a mythic won’t be good enough if you want to be competitive.

This feels like a key cost increase from 20 keys to 30 keys. ( 20 keys for mythic but need 10 ascension tokens with 2 tokens per line so you need to complete 6 full lines )

If this is the case I don’t think this is a good path to go down and will just cause additional burnout and we will continue to lose players.

Last season 25 of the top 200 atlas teams merged or disbanded including two of the top 5 teams.

Last season many third party tracking tools showed a 25% reduction in players. Impossible to say how many were mains or alts but given how hard it is for even Diamond teams to recruit it’s probably in the right ballpark and of statistical relevance within a 5% +/- tolerance.

Even some of our GPF members are taking a break this season - who knows if they will return.

Is making players work harder for the same things we used to get the right direction?

I don’t think it is but thought I would at least express my concerns.

And for the record I am not a lazy player. I finished last season global #86 the season before global #104 and this season I am inside the top #100.

If I think the burden of play is getting too much I suspect others could be feeling the same as me.

Personally I think a better direction is increase the fun. Reduce burden. ( temple raid button and beast farming a good examples of this )

But to say here is a mythic but unfortunately its mediocre unless you get a spell rider and unless you complete more branches to get the mythic runes its not going to be viable is kinda meh.


Totally agree. I just decided to take a break myself. Maybe I’ll be back at some point.


I’m hoping this is more experimental and not the norm going forward as well. I’ll make the best out of any situation so this season I’ll be replenishing my resources. I’ll still get a mythic but it will be perched once the armor is done and I’m not grinding hard to get it sooner


I didnt particularly find either of the Frostwreath mythics all that appealing or really the Winterjol mythics because it was obvious Surt was going to get nerfed and they waiting until almost the last minute to change both mythics.

Honestly as a primarily warrior flyer I haven’t really been that excited about seasonal mythics since Lockjaw until Kinn came out last season.


But I do agree, this feels like we’re getting unfinished mythics with underpowered spells and then need to claim additional stuff to finish them. Like a fighting game where most of the once playable characters are removed and sold in various character packs.
If this is going to be their new trend then I don’t see myself sticking around for too many more seasons. I already know a few long time players that made the decision this season to hang it up because the fun is gone. I don’t really see much happening as of late to really reinforce/renew the enjoyment.


As always, I haven’t flown either mythic yet and cannot add my experience with them. I like how this post is laid out though and it definitely seems to represent a strong sentiment being expressed by a group of the forum goers.

Whether or not I end up agreeing with the viewpoint, I really enjoy seeing how this has been presented to start constructive discussion.


PG is stubborn and will not buff the mythics. Mythics were already only good for 1-2 seasons prior to this season, and PG nerfed them again.

Combined with the nerf to Gilas and resurrection of Somnus, our only hope for fun is the festival dragon. PG you better not drop the ball on the festival.

Overall, it’s harder and harder to get a powerful dragon that can show dominance. Guess this game should be renamed DEFENSE dragons.


I’m honestly suspecting that PG is basing the power of these Mythic Dragons at their strongest possible power.

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What data did you base your tally on? :eyes:
I also use the third party tracking tools to tally monthly kills.
Over the last 6 months, the number of accounts with 50K+ kills per month has not decreased much.
The number of accounts with more than 1M kills has increased slightly in the last 4 months.


None of the third party tools will paint the true picture I fully agree with that.

But I do think they are good enough to give us a trend which should have enough statistical relevance.

I use 2 different tools one tracks android users that are running the gaming app ( I doubt many players use the gaming app but still statisticians only ever use a sample if the sample is big enough you can have reasonable confidence) the other one is a generic app tracker and again on android.

None of my third party tools have iOS users but I doubt there would be a huge deviation in activity between droid and iOS.

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I suppose that’s one way to look at it… or could you not also say that you now no longer need an mythic to be competitive? When the current seasonal mythic isn’t the go to dragon I would say that is an improvement.


Valid point I can’t argue there :slight_smile:




I’m just making the argument that 20 keys gets you a cut down mythic and that 30 gets you a mythic thats comparable to previous seasons.

Appreciate your thoughts and I just want to discuss it. Was this a stealth increase dressing up some mutton as lamb so to speak?

Which mythic did you pick and how are you going on max bases before and after runes?

My Nok is pretty ordinary. But with the runes and spell rider hes probably viable and comparable to previous season mythics in terms of usability.


thought ascension tokens were a one-season-test thingie… maybe i’m thinking of something else.

but if they continue…

you can add more than a dozen active accounts to that.

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I’ll be honest I didn’t even read the post I’m high and tired :joy: title intrigued me


I want to be high! I’m only drunk.


This is exactly how I feel about the situation myself and I will be skipping yet another season’s divines!

Because it feels like a 10 key increase to me as well.

And danger if this is what the meta is moving towards :man_facepalming:
I might just consider retirement from the grind myself…… being i won’t be able to really offer competitive play anymore and grinding out two divines a season is just more burden of play for what ? Simply to be competitive up here…. or I can spend. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Yeah no!
I’ll spend when atlas has a singular offensive objective for all teams!
So that means never at this rate! :man_shrugging:
No objective = No money from me simple as that!
I will not spend with no objective lol

I’ll just make this 6+year account a community chest run and slow build it to keep it viable.

Forever near relevance is not fun🥴


I’m close to quitting this game man, it’s the same thing over and over again, only now to get a strong dragon to be competitive, the grind is getting worse
Yuck pvp events man.


The event cycle I said needed to be removed a year ago almost ……
The short term mechanics I’m always yelling about!
Yeah I understand brother!
Is this a short term game ?
Sure uses a lot of short term mechanics for a long term game…….
I would like to encourage you to stay and see what happens though👍


I am gonna mirror what people are saying here. I haven’t logged in in a few weeks. Just not enjoying the so called “chase” and the fact that getting to end game is a massive never ending chore (not a fun chase. A chore) or it’s a mortgage. I get this game needs monitization but my god even the quality of life stuff is monitized (the beast raids).