Seasonal Mythics now need 30 keys?

If they want to bring novelty, rather than introducing more new towers, more new tiers, more new glyphs or exotic gears , then balance it all.
They should just stop.
Leave everything as it is and maybe think about tower typings.
Dragon typings.
Like pokemon, new generations are introduced, with new pokemon but the previous gen pokemon are still useful for the next gen.

Similarly, earth dragon has resistance to lightning towers or lightning boosted howitzer. Etc.
A fire dragon has more resistance to an ice flak.
They should stop making the old mythic redudant every time a new tier is released.
. The tower typings will bring variety in bases too.

A certain type dragon has more advantage on a certain layout of base etc. While is weak to another layout.
Let them introduce more dragon types, and more tower types. But a dragon of x type should still be able to get through a Y base layout, even though it’s weak against it, with pure flying skill.
While x type dragon, getting through x layout, has a little bit more advantage.

A dragon has projectile tower defense stat, beam tower defense stat, a dragon that flies an x layout base has more resistance to projectile towers , since it grew up getting trained in a certain way.

Stuff like that.

Let level 130 be the max tower level, let level 130 be the maximum dragon level…

Introduce new variety of mythics with dual typings.


Did someone just say Pokemon?? :eyes:
I’m enjoying my switch to PU! Lolss well it’s a different kind of MOBA, simple & monotonous but you won’t feel it monotonous! I dunno about WD?? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Me too, I’m finding newer games and leaving WD behind, just hanging on by the thread because of the friends made.

I used to be very active, even in atlas, I was one of them who spend hours sniping and raiding, no swapping, to finish atlas season branches… It just got exhausting for me near end game.

Just don’t like that I have to keep upgrading my dragon, to stay relevant in a higher league for my level.
PvP events are so lame and exhausting.
Have to go through these tiring pvp events to get 20 keys every season, only to find out they are useless when a new tier is introduced. I know this was happening for years on WD, but having reached end game or close to it, only now. I just see it as a yuck factor. Lol
Spending hours in glitched events of the game, mindlessly grinding for sigils , consumes my entire weekend.
Now I’m taking it lightly, I’m loving the free time.
( ps, love crystal caves)

I love atlas, but other than getting personal gears and skins, there is nothing to it.
As a team, there is no goal.
Conquering all the castles in the map is a lame goal.
Most of it is politics and mega allainces.
Conquering castles is hard. Heck even sniping is hard with the bots and 600+ taunter on almost every castle.


Well I’ll still probably play WD (to collect stuffs lolss :face_with_hand_over_mouth:), but no longer as frequent as I used to. I was at end tier (Vanguard) when I first left in Dec 2018 & I was super competitive back then. I guess when you actually get there, you’d realize there is actually nothing really special. When I returned last year (June 2020) I stopped chasing & slowed down in progressing & just play to have fun. Well, it was fun for a while. It’s still fun today, but I dunno. I feel more tired than the last?! :relieved:

P.S. I, also, miss the old peepz! Sigh :relieved:


I wanted to be out of the chorus and I’ve got Steelwing. Good dragon but useless on Atlas. Too slow. It would need a boost on speed so to be more competitive. Last season both mythics were amazing, this season meh…

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One this that confuses me is how they make an entire playstyle worthless. Setup dragons. One of the most impressive and fair play styles and it’s just straight unviable even in wars. This overwhelming need to go fast is just silly.


Exotic Runes arent a must have.
Nockmard runes just add an effective +3% on Endless Nightmare heal . Wow, u must have them and Nockmard will be unstoppable with those +3% .
Steelwing runes increase the heals but still not a must have and actually u get the Exotic Rune for free.
The Glyphs yes, requires more keys but still arent a must have.

I didn’t get an exotic rune for free - after completing 3 lines I have 6 / 8 ascension tokens

I’m saying that these mythics are inferior to previous mythics of the same type and that exotic runes bring them a bit more on par with previous mythics.

I’m saying that instead of increasing key costs that ascension keys were a clever way to increase costs so that we can get an equivalent dragon to previous seasons.

The exotic runes for Nok are +10% hp ( mythic are +5% )

The healing is the same for Nok and Steel both + 60%.

So when you fly either of these without runes are you happy with their performance against at least 15x L130 towers?

Because even top fliers are not super happy


+60% is applied to base stat.
Nockmard = 5x60/100 = 3%
3%+5% = 8% max heal.
Essentially 1 Exotic add an effective 1.5% to the Heal.

Steelwing same story, an effective 8% with both exotic runes ( from 5%).

So both runes just add an effective +3%. You don’t really need them.


And actually a seasonal mythic Glyph add +8% HP or Atk, depend.

U can live without those Exotic Runes :wink:


For now, it may not matter but it seems, PG is headed on a path where they are going to make a mythic usable with only those exotic runes or rider spells.
Then they will call the mythic with all the extra pay to play add ons as "balanced " While they release q really crappy mythic for 20 keys.
I’m not saying the add ons right now may increasingly affect nockmars viablility.
I’m saying, it seems that’s where this headed.
We are worried, if that is what PG has chosen to release from now on like this.

Which would mean, we would need to grind for 30 keys with the runes and rider spells etc etc to stay competitive in my relevant level in atlas.

Which means more grinding or paying in PvP events. Which is a hard pass and no fun, since I chose grind. Lol

Lineage mythics and legendaries and the seasonal legendaries are a joke.
Waste of design. Can’t even beat a base with a single defender. Just made for non defended runs. .

It’s the same as, how you cannot live on now without mythic gear both offensive and defensive, exotic defense runes and you cannot live without base boost, if you are at end game.
I see that coming for the dragons, with these rider spells and exotic runes.


:dizzy: capitalism sparks innovation :dizzy:


I know 3% doesn’t sound like much but I suspect most players will cast it 7x that’s a 21% hp differential between having exotic runes or not having them.

And with a 4% - 10% base hp differential from the hp side of the exotic runes you could nudge closer to 25%.

Quarter of an extra dragon life on a warrior in my view puts Nok more in line with prior mythics. He wouldn’t be as good as Quasar or Lockjaw but he would he on par with Sora who wasnt very good either.

Anyway are you happy with the mythic dragon you picked and how it performs at end game when you compare your other mythics from past season at end game?


Kendinizi şartlandırmayın nasıl keyif alacaksanız o şekilde oynayın egzotik rün ve glif olmayan ejder işe yaramayacak mı elbette yarayacak sürücü araştırma ve zırhlara özen gösterin devamı bam bam bam

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This season was butt the moment we knew there was no mythic hunter. I’m getting nockmar for one of my perches, so I don’t need to bother pushing to get the runes and whatever the spell rider is. Now, next season when we get a hunter, I will for sure be figuring out how I can get all them runes lol


Check this post please. I have typed there i couldn’t find a way to pass his defense after 40 attacks or something other than an ice flak glitch. Then at the end of the day, actually i could, didn’t post it in the YouTube but here it is in the Instagram.

If you don’t kill the ice flak in the island 5 with the mark spell, in literally a second, you are dead.

In this run, my Steelwing was level 127, runes and glyphs are almost the best:

Gears, are not full mythics, so that means +10% hp if you put all mythics.


Hugo was the rider, so let’s put Yeken and +7% HP more. In the video, i managed to pass the middle island, with what? 5% HP?

I managed to record another run with my Taiwan friends against 3 defenders. Islands 1-2 level 127 towers, dang probably took 23 runs to pass that… You can’t imagine what i did there, i will try to find and post it into YouTube as unlisted once i make it ready, but it was hard… It was pretty hard, and a completely different strategy. I don’t think i can make the same strategy in 3 consecutive runs…

The same base, took 2 runs to pass with a legendary arcanum Jaalkan. Yes i know i had Jaalkan much longer than Steelwing, but believe me it’s not that easy to explain.

I strongly believe both mythics need buffs, but what PGNines said in the stream is that, mythics of this season has similar win rates. They said also they are looking in different parameters, but i think a dragon shouldn’t be really hard to fly but also slow as turtle at the same time. So my idea is to decrease the cooldowns of invoke shot and the radiant strike to 3 seconds, decrease the duration of the cloak to 1.5 seconds. Faster, but still hard to play dragon.

About Nockmar, i am really disappointed to say i don’t know what to expect from a warrior. He requires some skills to fly tough, it’s not a baby toy dragon against good defender. I am not putting ‘s’, yeah only one defender is enough… In his case, i would like to see faster breath attack, actually i want to see this feature as a regular thing in all warriors. Higher breath damage like 350% (now it’s 250%), and actually +20% rage generation. I know i want too much, but let’s get a good Warrior.


Usually I got a mythic in the last years every season, sometimes two. But this season I decided it’s not worth getting any. The changes aren’t that appealing and I hope PG will revert back to what was before. Add new lines with runes/glyphs or portraits if you want to make things more interesting, but I don’t see the point of making specific dragon related runes/glyphs. PG did the same last season and I am not sure it was a “win” situation. Or maybe I am wrong and PG decided to go this way this season because the last season experience was good. :man_shrugging:t2:


Better also to think about the following seasons. The rider Fera can be pretty useful for a lot of other dragons too


Usually don’t go for riders in seasons as their branches generally are worse on golds and the saving stuff than other branches. Will have to see it’s stats, but unless it’s got a big edge on other riders I’ll stick with gold chest hunting in branches

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Alright then.

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