Seasonal prize suggestion - Temporary Seasonal Mythic Rider with Max Elite Gear


I would like to propose that like the base boost that is a temporary prize for a season, that one key can unlock a Mythic Rider, with max Elite Gear (for the season only).

So if I’m not really working on my earth gear now for example, then suddenly the new mythic dragon is earth… no problem I get the temporary seasonal rider with max elite gear (with selectable element) and I pick earth… and have him for the entire season.

What do you guys think? I like the idea of these awesome temporary prizes because let’s face it legendary dragons are useless once you get to the final tier of dragons.


We’ll need to define about this term first…


I dunno like better then previous ones lol


I think we need some samples to compare…

  • Lorenzo
  • Adriel


  • Adriak
  • Kazane
  • Saito

I get the sentiment, but can I just point out:

  • Base boost: +22%
  • expert rider + max gear: +115% at least

So unless you want a line that costs 180k sigils, then this idea won’t ever get off the ground.


No one’d ever get and max elite gear again like this…


The branch should only cost 30k (in comparison to current season).
However, it can be unlocked once a player complete 2 mythic + festive all other branches



But the benefits are so much more than the base boost this season, though?


Wait after PG releases 3 additional branches :smirk:
2 mythic + 1 festive + branch cost + 3 extra branches + Egg token = 276 k sigils

Without the extra branches, it costs 186k, similar to


Not true at all.

Vague compassion, this would be true if deference max rider would be something that no one had, but a lot of people do, so as long as the total def provided does not give more than 22% over say tanok with maxed gear, the base bonus is still gonna be the upper choice for quite a few players.

Having that said, I don’t think a def rider would be the best way to go, rather an offensive one that can temp match a season mythic.


I’m sure players that can afford every branch in a season have no need for an extra def rider. If I already have 2 maxed sets and working on the third, I’m sure those guys have about 6-10 maxed sets by now

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Hyperbole, but for non-endgame spenders…why would I need an offensive elite set for my shiny new seasonal mythic when I can just spend some sigils for a max set?


:joy: True.
Perhaps this is called “Giving players without Elite sets, a chance to taste Maxed Elite gears for a fee (up to 9 weeks each season).”


Because there is an atlas event that literally gives you free shit for upgrading your gear? Also building an elite set is basically a side effect of been active in atlas, is not like you go out of your way to build elite gear.

On top of all that, a single set brings so many restrictions, why would you be content with a just having one set that changes element every three months? that makes no sense.

You will be restricting yourself to a single “usable dragon” that gets dictated by w/e the seasonal set happens to be.

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No, you assume people actually hunt glory :eyes:

And yeah, I’d be p content with just getting a set for my mythic on my way there.


and than throw that mythic away 3 months later? okay sure, no one else would be content with that, hence why almost no one stops at a single set and says they are done with atlas.

I mean I used to hunt for glory a lot, now there are several battles every day, again is a side effect of been active in atlas.


And then you’d assume that with the new season, a new set of such elite gear would come bouncing along for you to pick up.

Glory-hunting: either lots of action on your 5ta castles (not a given), or you’re finding it the hard way.



Sure you can define it that way, doesn’t change my point.

No one will be content with a single elite that changes gear type every 3 months. Maybe you will, but is pretty clear that not many people have that opinion.


^Here, this may explain the confusion.

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Ah I missed that, I would say it shouldn’t be a selection, that would work as perm elite set like you said, however,

This is still false regardless.