Seasonal Prizes - why not Towers instead of Dragons? (with Recycle)

Instead of breeding say 3 legendary dragons to get a key for 1 of 2 mythic dragons… why not have a mix of “legendary towers” and dragons? Then when you get the key you choose between a mythic dragon or “mythic tower”?

The “legendary tower” branch could include the following:

  • timers (lots of them)
  • elemental embers
  • pearls
  • fire / ice shards
  • useful runes / glyphs
  • rune dust
    FINAL PRIZE = recycle 1 of your existing towers and get resources refunded + Saved TIme.

Saved Time would be different and factored into next build to avoid problems with level scores. So for example if you’re building a tower that requires 30 days of timers and you were refunded 20 days of Saved Time, your next build will only require 10 days of timers. You could potentially build say 5 or 6 towers with saved time only and get zero points in a fortification event until you use up your saved time before you start using up your actual timers.

The “mythic tower” branch could include the following:

  • timers (lots of them)
  • elemental embers
  • pearls
  • fire / ice shards
  • runes / glyphs for new mythic tower
  • rune dust
    TWO PRIZES = recycle 1 of your existing towers and get resources refunded + Saved TIme.
    FINAL PRIZE = 1 new mythic tower, something interesting and exciting.
    (such as a tesla coil that supercharges lightning, super ballista, crazy fire turret, little volcano that spits out lava, whatever)… something fun, exciting and that would introduce a little more strategy then just flaks.

It’s called “base boost”, except for that final prize.

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OK then make final prize of base boost the 1 tower recyle… and add the mythic tower with more prizes and the 2 additional recycles and runes/glyphs for new mythic tower.

The current base boost that was mentioned requires us to get the base boost every season to keep the buff. That is a revenue driver.

I would also suggest that grinding for as many embers as possible is also our focus. After all, towers build with embers are essentially legendary compared to the original towers of this game.

I get you guys. But still, there needs to be more diversity in towers. The current batch don’t make defense very exciting.

Some ideas include…
Tesla Coil … supercharges lightning towers
Blue / Red Storm - like storm shield when triggered but also blocking blue or red spells
Lethal Ballista - once poisoned makes any other ballista shot lethal.

… etc, etc… it would be so much more fun.

But with all these new towers you have to have the ability to recylce towers as well. And that can also be a huge motivator for people to spend or grind out getting additional seasonal prizes.

All this leads is a way around recycling towers

Which yoyo there are a bunch of threads involving it pls use search function

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It’s not just tower recyle it’s adding mythic towers. Only adding dragons is getting repetative and boring.

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Your OP is not about diversity. You are suggesting a higher tier, not different towers. You are also suggesting recycling towers to get matts back which has been discussed heavily in the forums before and seems to be something PG has avoided.

I would suggest more clarity in your idea from the start vs changing it as the thread continues.

Ask someone said base boost and u claimed " OK then make final prize of base boost the 1 tower recyle"

OK I get your point… but please see…

The dragons are different each season. Heck, we just got a new type.

Please see my first post.

Its just a alternative post to throw off tower :recycle: im sure they will add new towers but im pretty sure not gonna be mythical :laughing:

True, PG has been adding new towers this past year+.

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That’s the problem I don’t want more dragons. More Dragons = Faster pace of releasing New Tiers = SUCKY LEGENDARY DRAGONS like in Empyrean. No thanks.

I would like my hard work and grinding to better affect my base and make it interesting and exciting, unique. Not like everone else’s base. And if I feel like my roster was weak, then I’ll pick up a seasonal dragon. But I haven’t been dying to get one for a while since I am usually pretty quick at getting all 3 new lineage mythics.

But now a days, especially with gear, most people really only have 5 viable max dragons, one for each element. The last thing a lot of flyers want now is 3 kick ass dark dragons for example. That wasn’t the case before gear but it is now.

So if I’m going to grind hard I’d rather it be to give my base some work, not really my dragon roster.

PS I’m actually impressed with Orthoptar, he is turning out to be pretty decent for a legendary lineage dragon. I would like to keep getting excited about the lineage ones and not be so focused on getting the seasonal mythics. I’d rather my seasonal prizes improve my base.

We are just talking to ourselves.

Use whatever metaphor works, but there are years worth of ignored ideas and requests here. Better if we log off and go smoke some brisket and drink beer.


I am very much against seasonal towers or any limited time only towers until such a time we can respec bases without penalty. I’d like more towers in whatever form that takes. But I haven’t been able to take advantage of any new towers in a year. It would cost too much

PG is releasing new tiers about twice a year and that has has to do with how they drive revenue. Your suggestion would not change that.

Our grind each season is half for our base. Ember, Embers, Embers.

In many ways this is a much better option.

I beg to differ. People would grind just as hard… maybe harder to get same or more sigils… but get a mixture of dragons and tower upgrades… or maybe no dragons at all for final mythic prize if something special was there for your base rather than another dragon.

Having too many seasonal and lineage mythic dragons only make mythics obsolete faster… driving demand for new mythics and tiers. The only reason whales demand new tiers is because their dragons get obsolete too fast and they have nothing better to do. Mythic dragons are no longer mythic if you ask me, they are quite common, and that’s the problem.

Too many mythics also make legedaries suck. So making mythics rare again improves a lot of things.