Seasonal rider gear. Is it worth?


Seasonal rider gear. Is lv 1 Epic worth?

I was in Atlas team for 12 week. Only 1 week of Atlas elite (freebies) and casual grinder.
And I can get gear boost much better than the both seasonal gear sets combined.

Plus, seasonal gears use sigils, which means non Atlas team must allocate enough for them too (which means Atlas team can have better gears and more sigils for dragons).

Given that spell scaling means a good gear is a must, and seems that PG has no intention to give Atlas to more teams (especially gold) in the near future (either, or at all), literally non Atlas teams are doomed, as they don’t even have access to $100 max epic gear packs.

Due to this, is lv 1 Epic gear for seasonal gear worth?
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Well, the original gear when seasonal armour arrived it was rare level & you couldn’t upgrade.
Now it’s Epic level & you can upgrade it by using shards if you can get any.

I’m sure being a non atlas player you probably have no way of gaining these unless you buy them in packs. But it’s worth more than it was.



  1. If a player allocates more sigils to get the gear, they must spend more to complete another dragon, while Atlas team doesn’t need to do it.
  2. I compared between Atlas casual grinder (omitting any advantage other than gears) and non Atlas moderate spender (we have some in our team). Why non spender can get better than spender while being in the same league?
  3. Allocated time is roughly the same, for better gear.

Say, if max gear boost doesn’t exceed 30%, I’d agree. However, it reaches 80% for legendary only, and exceed 40% in my case (furthermore, I got 3 sets).


Brief answer:

With Atlas access: worthless
Without Atlas access: priceless*. (there’s no other option)

*but if there’s no chance to upgrade it, it’s a very small advantage, so in the end it’s a very expensive investment.

so that priceless = not really worth it


Kinda disagree with priceless part, unless Atlas team cannot attack (or defend against) non Atlas team with the overwhelming boost.

Add defend too.


I never said it was fair when you don’t have atlas access.
But at least epic can be upgraded now.

Whether further access will be given, who knows, but the servers struggle with current access tbh so :man_shrugging:


Note that not even max epic gear sets are offered.
I don’t think that buying the packs has anything to do with lag, since any gear upgrade can be done in the main game.

This is not quite relevant, due to


I thought you knew this but yeah.

To anyone with atlas I find the gear worthless.
To anyone without atlas it’s the only way you can get it

And it’s epic and upgradable (as previously pointed out) where it used to be max rare with no upgrade possible.

At some point I expect some kind of trade up system will exist where leveling epic makes sense, but by then you could have legendary year instead…

The only real reason for an atlas person to get the second page of a rider is to get the portrait.


do you have an estimate of how many shards are needed to upgrade any piece of gear?

I know from legendary that it requires an enormous amount of shards, and if I couldn’t get them free there’s no way I would pay for them packs.


If you had to pay for it, the cost is horrific


Mech has the numbers on his vault

And the cost for epic is not cheap enough to make it worth it IMO.


Kinda agree with this.
Also, the solution I hoped for is unupgradable lv 1 legendary gear for seasonal branch. That will be quite fair for both Atlas and non Atlas IMO, since Atlas team can use it until the get the actual legendary gear, and non Atlas team can still enjoy nice boost.
Another solution I proposed is allowing non Atlas team to buy max epic gear packs.


To max level? Yes, I have, and I know that it’s quite costly.
To reach double the seasonal gear? Lv 1 legendary is enough I guess.

reply to @BaldRabbit


Yep, this is what I plan on doing… This will be the first avatar that has actually interested me since I got my current one :upside_down_face: Need to finish getting UVS first though :eyes: (I’m almost halfway through Hildr and have finished Gunnar)


I will claim the 1st half, then ill wait the festive. Probably ill claim the gears too because i nees fire gears and ia really hard to get only Legendary gears( by crafting).
A full set of maxed epic gears is +40% HP and ATK ( Rider add usually 13atk 12HP). This means +53atk and +52HP. Isn’t bad. So yes, for me Epic MAXED Gears worth it.
Lv1 Epic Gears ?? NO worth the sigils cost


I’m ahead of you yay :see_no_evil::joy:.
Planning to start UVS in 2nd event from now :slight_smile:


Ah, but how many rubies do you have left? :eyes: I might be ahead of you there :upside_down_face:


My rubies are always well used in gold chests … I hate those super sigils :joy:
But i am sure I am behind you in rubies :joy::joy::joy:
Ahead only when used :hugs:

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