Seasonal riders

Will these riders always require rubies to reset? Seems like a lot compared to atlas riders who reset with diamonds

They can only be reset with rubies sadly yes, and expensive also sadly.

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They did say they were supposed to be halving the ruby cost to rest them. 5k is still high but better at least

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When is the cost of Ruby 5K?

No clue. They said during the summit stream they were reducing the reset cost down but didn’t give a time frame. We’re getting the defender glory change they mentioned soon so maybe we’ll see the reset change soon also


So I’m punished for getting a rider outside of atlas? Unable to reset them when needed for future dragons? That’s a shame.

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You’re not unable to, just costly. Though if you can wait untill pg reduces the cost at least it’ll be less.

That’s why it sucks that they’re not doing atlas riders anymore (or at least for a while). I have no issues resetting atlas riders, I’ve probably reset Anja and Swann at least a dozen times each.
Seasonal riders were better when they offered generic boosts so you didn’t need to reset them unless you screwed up. Im not a fan at all of seasonal riders having class specific boosts that would need to be reset any time you wanted to move it to a different class of dragon.
Even 5k will be too high for that

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