Seasonal Setup, Draconics and Leadership Chatter

First, congratulations to everyone’s UNCHAINED progress and achievement’s thus far.

So I want to know if this seasons new format is permanent. I’m thinking about blowing next seasons’ set up (all chests and rubies) on UNCHAINED ascension tokens. Also I’m thinking about creating a team. Recruitment seems to be the only real challenge in the game for me right now. I’m tired of grinding for Mythics. This is the third time I get competitive enough to master a season format and PG changes it on us so I’m ready to sit back and lead. I’m taking a break from Atlas sitting in Gold2 on a very partial team. I don’t plan on recruiting via a LFM’s feed because the team has not been created yet but if anyone is feeling the same way or similar feelings and wants in hmu and we can get it started. I have a very catchy name for a team which fits the current status of the game.

I don’t know that this is how it works. :joy::rofl:
But, best of luck to you!


thanks but what do you mean??

Leadership is a second job! :rofl::blue_heart:
And, recruitment is the worst.


indeed…I did pretty good the first time.

This is not easy at all. I think SS is probably the best example of a team being built from effectively nothing in the last year+

However we had a lot of things go our way. We started off with like 20 active players, this isn’t a lot but it helped a lot.
We had/have an incredible leadership core, some good flyers, smart players, and people who know politics.
We also had connections, and obvious activity which made recruiting a lot easier. This also got us into a good TA

So IMO, if you want to be successful with starting a team you need some of these things. A group of active players, good leadership, and a lot of free time lol. Otherwise, you might grow a team, but I don’t think it will ever amount to anything special, or you won’t amount to anything as a team.

Ofc you could just take a team to gold, or plat if that’s what you’re happy with. But I don’t think it’s worth it, odds are there will just be a shell of a team, with some good players and some alts and a constant need to merge.

Just my view on it personally, if you try it, good luck lol


I hear you. But like I was saying this game is not challenging anymore. As much as I would love to, I’m not expecting to get a full roster and storm the Atlas map so suddenly. I pretty much play this game all throughout the day and night(EST). So I can easily have the time but nothing in the game is worth it right now. I actually have more free time for other RL BS now since I’m not on an Atlas team. I led a team from Bronze to Plat4 or 5 when Moonfang Neptus and Cort were the seasonal Mythics. I got invited to Sapphire3 and passed leadership to an officer. Then he went to 1stNightFury and the team broke up.

Definitely a fast growth but I would not define " from effectively nothing " your departure.
You are a team with many ex D1 players with relative experience and knowledge of the game.

You can’t be classified among the teams born from nothing in the last year in my opinion :eyes:

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Are you trying to say we didn’t grow from an Apr 800 team within the last year? Having merged with an Apr 400 team?

I’m trying to say that if you take great or good players and create a team you’re not classifiable as a team that started by nothing.:man_shrugging:t2:

As someone who spent 2 years running a Platinum team, all I can say is… why would you do that to yourself? Honestly it just gets frustrating if you arent starting out with 45+ active members ready to join. We are losing players and teams at a rate that even some diamond teams are struggling to keep 50

Also what does this have to do with the title?


It’s a trap!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Leadership and this thread. Lol

Considering we started with like 10 people at level 500+ And no 600s idk what I’d call that. I don’t want to derail the thread, though. If you want to continue you can pm me

Scin’s first response was about leadership. No one including you, said anything about the season structure question. I opened all on gold chests anyhow because PG never changed the season structure for 1 season anyways :man_shrugging:t4:

:rofl: :rofl: not really. I haven’t created the new team yet but I do want to see if I can get a few officers from this feed. Do I need to change the title :grin: I don’t want no beef with moderators

I’m just messing around anyway. I show love by antagonizing. :grin::blue_heart:

However, I don’t remember a p4-5. :thinking:

I don’t need to continue anything, I simply explained the reasons why I think you can’t consider your team a team born from nothing :raised_hands:

me neither but I do remember making it to Platinum League then going to Sapphire3 which only lasted for 2 events. We were demoted to Plat1 and that was it. A very long time ago that was

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You did make me nostalgic when you mentioned Corth, though. That feels like another lifetime ago! Cool walk down memory lane. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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How would we know if this structure is permanent? And PG isn’t going to answer that, all they would say is eVeRyThInG iS sUbJeCt To ChAnGe.

I hope it isn’t permanent because this season structure is horrible in every way except for dragon quests. This format is just plain stupid.

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when I started, Obsidian was the new tier and Mafic was the hyped up dragon.

already opened my golds :rofl: maybe I’ll hold onto my Draconics :crossed_fingers:t4: