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Hello all. I have a suggestion that I think most would find useful. Currently in game there is no way to see how many stones you have for each of your seasonal dragons. And as the seasons go on I tend to forget how many I have . Can you modify the egg fragments section of the more options to show stones for seasonal dragons also. Maybe the name of the dragon and after it a series of circles that light up for each stone you have received.


We’ve asked for this, quite a few times. No response from PG.

While we’re waiting on them to not implement it, in the meantime, you can submit a support ticket and they will tell you what, if any, stones you have.


and if you think that you claimed something, but is not there, they can check the logs when you last claimed on that divine dragon.

Thank you for replying. I just starting playing again after a 10 month break . So was un a where if this had been asked for.

They were going to make a spot to see it (like the old egg fragment page) but I’m guessing it got buried under the pile of new tier ideas :roll_eyes:

There’s this:

But yeah, I’d strongly suggest that you take a video/screenshot your prize claim at the season end, just in case the game resyncs and drops rewards at some point, and you forget to double check.

Well I hope they something for viewing them. I can see what a pain it is to screen shot them as you go along just so you know where you are at. I would also think they would make a place to view them just so they stop getting tickets on it all the time.

Pg loves tickets don’t you know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@moderators work your magic!:sparkles:

Might wanna tell the OP why you’re vaguely suggesting they close it :rofl: But yeah this has been suggested before and we’ve gotten no response :man_shrugging: :t_rex:

Quick fix: you need to ask PG through support ticket on which evolution stone you have on each of the divine you have.

Suggestion: let’s have a “VAULT” where you can see all the things you have in the game like evolution stones, sigils, energy packs, etc which is viewable anytime you want/need.

More fun to grind out the needed xp only to find you don’t have the next stone.


Solution? Get all the stones for every dragon.

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Ask support to give you a run down on what stones you have.
Not only does it confirm that the server is synced properly, it gives you reminders on what stones the rest of your dragons have from previous seasons

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