Second chance at stones

I’m not sure if this was a topic, but this idea has been floating in my head for about a year now. So as the administration has been creating new dragons every season, i keep noticing the rise of these unimportant, non pertinent, and unnecessary to obtain dragons that waste sigils for people after the main 2-3 dragons and mythic. Instead of dropping these random dragons, even chunk, why not make a branch with older dragon stones in it. But the catch would be it only goes back one season and it only gives you stones not dragons. So if you started a dragon and only achieved green, because the demand and appeal for a different dragon was present, you can actually complete a branch that gives you the opportunity for older stones for conpletion. It’ll have a tab that allows you to select a dragon (if you have started more than one) and if you select it, thats all you can try for. If you complete branch, you can try for a different dragon. All the stones and rewards will cost more for reciprocity to administration ( ex. A stone normally 750 would be 1000 now) just throwing numbers out to show an increase in value for it being after the fact. Too many people taking advice for dragons they don’t want, are good at using, or regret and wish they could finish the branch they originally wanted. (Yes, it’s your account and you should make your own choices, but not everyone understands the game, desired skills, and what’s important at first.) A second chance would be very beneficial to those who get a grasp of the game in between seasons or after understanding sigil investment. Or a way to backwards progress a tier. (I don’t like tengu, I’d rather invest in tarand) Can i return sigils and stones to re invest into a more desirable tier. How do you all feel about it?


And it’s been floating around the forums even longer. PG has said no. Try searching.



Please PLEASE use the search function… this is more than a topic… it’s a curse of the forums


Prepare to be eaten alive…


This " Original" idea gets started in a new thread about once every 3-5 days.

PG said no.

The players all said hell to the motherf#$%!n no. Emphatically.

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Yea, sorry guys, still getting used to participating in this forum stuff to express myself and my concerns. I’ll try searching harder and adding to older topics. I’ve mentioned this in game and in line chats but this is my first time getting an opportunity to see it in forum. I guess inexperienced searching was my downfall lol. Seems like this idea would give them more profit though. Wonder why the straight no lol. People buying more gold chests, anticipating more sigils to spend on desired results. Idk, guess ima shooting a hole in my foot now lol

Wooops, i had no idea. I don’t come here often, just learning and taking my whoopins all at once lmaooo. Sorry to reignite the fire everyone. :weary:

I just searched old stones and seen the the curse first hand. I didn’t mean to further contribute to this. My bad. :confused:

All players, except the naughty ones :laughing:

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Good idea!

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There’s a funny thread about all the repetitive threads ppl spam over and over… maybe someone can link it?

Don’t worry, you’re good. Everyone’s done it… just don’t be THAT guy who does it over and over. :call_me_hand:


Forums are much more stricter than a chat lobby, there’s a couple pages explaining how it’s done, using the search feature before posting. I wouldn’t say it’s ruthless it’s how a forum is run, we learn as we go.

Divines of the past will stay in the past as stated previously.

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In addition to the link @LizDrakemoor posted, this is also a good place to get up to speed on what’s been asked and answered:
Welcome to War Dragons: FAQ

You seem like a quick learner so we’ll have mercy on you… this time :smiling_imp:

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Oh my :joy::weary:

Wouldn’t call it ruthless but definitely a more serious platform. Lol i sure learned today😂

This is all processing as we speak. Learned a lot in the last hour :joy:

On point!

Welcome to the froums! We have all made mistakes in the game or made decisions we later regret. However, as posted in November, limited-time items/dragons are meant to be limited time.

Next time, please make use of the “search” feature on the top right hand corner of the page to see if your question/suggestion has already been answered or addressed!