Second tiebreaker for war

if Both teams have 250 flames and 50 defense points at the end of a war then is there a second tiebreaker or is the war declared a draw?

The team with the lower rating will win (I think).

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Declared a draw and I’m in agreeance with Red on who takes the hit in egg tokens and ratings.

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Pretty sure the declaring team loses a point and the team declared on gains a point.

We had a tie recently. Neither team loses egg tokens or points and neither team gains egg tokens and points. It is in fact a clear cut tie.

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Just double checking - were both teams on the same ranking points or were they different?

Had such case couple of times. It was tie, but in the mail after the war, it was stated that some team is losing eggs. Though, rating wasn’t changed, as I remember.

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This is the war category. Think again.

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