Second try, can someone from PG clarify the self harm part of code of conduct

@PGJared @PGCrisis
Okay please don’t shut this down again red.
PG please can you clarify what counts as violating this TOS for me? For future reference more than anything. Thanks!


Red advised you what steps to follow if you suspect self-harm… no need to reopen a new thread

Persistence is strong with this one, young padawon

  1. @Lutrus is correct that reposting something that a mod already closed is a bannable offense.

  2. If someone on the forums is telling a person to self-harm in a post or a PM, please notify a mod, @PGCrisis, or myself. This is a bannable offense on the forums.

I also am going to close this thread. If there are further concerns, please PM me.

@INeverDefend they have already clarified what self harm language looks like in the Terms of Service (ToS) of the forums, and you know what to do if you suspect it or are not sure. When in doubt, report.