Second wave harbinger

When will second wave info release ?



Wow they still havent released the rest of that tier!?! The game i play has new magic every week you can get and has a timer for when the next monster/weapons will be released!!! They bring out news thing almost every week!!! How hard can it be to make a 9-10 dragons in a month?!? Dragon Project makes 1-2 new events every week and ~5 monsters(and 25 weapons and armor) every month. Step up War Dragons!!! Do it for the Dragons and not the spenders!

quiet you! This game needs quality not quantity…


Why not both?!? If the japanese(creators of the app im playing) can roll out all this content with ease so should Pocket Gems. Even if they have a smaller team i feel like the creation of content should be at a similar rate…

Of course that means giving out more breeding tokens and the like so the game is all about exponential progression and not waiting on the hige jump every 4-5 months…

Oh TrueOne you have been away too long… do you remember how PG operates? We still dont have any sort of scaling… we do not want BOTH!


With one comes the other… you just gotta take the leap :confused:

I dont know everything about business but it seems pretty simple to lower the prices or up the rss in packs in order to speed up content progression and then start hiring designers to roll out dragons like a factory line. This game’s greatest attribute is the fact that it can go on forever and ever but Pocket Gems has cornered themselves by slowing down production and making everything more expensive and harder to achieve… all the while they throw in complexities like atlas and new events that are so filled with bugs they dont even benefit the playerbase.

I’m glad i quit, but i hope this company will change this business model of how they make money someday.

No. Imagine 10 dragons a month at this horrendous prices of 180k-280k egg tokens each. Plus imagine new gear every month.

This month elite gear for $1800.
June you’ll see super elite gear for $2200
July of course new gangsta elite gear for $2800
Then after you got the 30 new dragons wait for hyperelite gear in August for only $3300.

Well I’m happy that we DONT get content bombardment like that.

And don’t come with “make things cheaper then”.

This train left the station long ago.


We do not need to be inundated with new dragons. I would rather have a couple masterpieces than a mansion full of junk.


The problem with that is there are really only so many viable spell combos and decent new spell ideas that work in practice. They are already reusing old spells and just tweaking them slightly (making them zero rage but adding a cooldown, etc…). No way they could come out with that many new dragons and have them actually flyable. They’d either all suck or they’d all basically be copies of the good ones.

And so i will stick with the game i found in place of this one. Just saying that this game could learn a thing or two about how others operate and make $.

They can make gear cheaper and release new ones weekly with each gear giving a unique ability…like adding a spell to whichever dragon it’s equipped to…that’s not hard and it will keep ppl getting gear weekly. This would also make dragons more diverse.

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Thats what im talking about. Diversity without sacrificing quality. Great idea

Not really, it just creates more stress, because if you don’t get that weeks gear, your behind, makes you pay more money, they need to work on the actual game, the cheaters and it’s bugs, not more content. We have enough content for now, they can take a break and work on the actual function of this game and it’s problems with glitches, bugs, lag, and freezing.
If new dragons and gear came out every week, regardless if it’s free or not, it’ll be crappy, I like that pg takes time, effort and detail into their work, id like to keep it that way.

If things came out every week, it’d just become another big spending corporate game like mobile strike and game of war

It’s already a big spending game…idk what game ur playing.

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Exactly. We don’t need to make it even more expensive. You don’t need to be snappy, I’m just saying, we don’t need the extras when we’ve got enough on our hands

The ugly truth is with games like that, that have a special dragon every week or so is that it’s just a large rotation that works in a big loop. So there may be enough specials for 1 year 1 dragon every week but then next year because you don’t remember the January dragons they roll them out again and call them new.

WTF is with the Dark hunters? Why are all the hunter dark or wind? Why not a fire one for a change?