Second Wave of Winterjól - Discussion Thread

Discuss the new Winterjól Dragons (Jarl and Surt) and Dragon Rider (Astrid) here!

Link to official announcement:

Ok, Surt look cool, but…he will be good only, and only IF the incinarate can destroy the red mage before the storm tower shield’s activate… and the second target after the red mage must be the storm/earth flak tower right?

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I will have to congratulate you PG on this one. You designed the best strategies for the dragons instead of the players figuring/discussing it out. Nice one :+1:

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Is this correct @PGCrisis?

  • Burning Hatred - Active | White | No Rage
    • Instantly restores 3 Rage. Dragon heals for 25% of its Modified HP on next building destruction within 6 seconds of the spell being cast. Spell has a 3 second cooldown.
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Why should jarl kill the red mage if storm shield is white ? Or am I missing something ?

jotun has the same spell but red… so the strategy makes sense, but since the one with Jarl is supposed to be white… will Jotun shield be changed ? With jarl’s spell change name ?

Was wondering the same thing :joy::joy:

Because theory is storm shield wont block mage shots just incoming damage…
Edit: but yes why red over blue beats me too

At least, that Ragnarok spell really seem to feel like a Ragnarok and is not deshonoring his name!

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Then why specifying RED… there is blue mage too! And if more impprtant to destroy first to use regenaerate

Two times Dragon HP boost of 5% at Astrid. Is that correct @PGCrisis?


Yet another extremely disappointing warrior with really pointless runes & glyph. Honestly they might as well just get rid of the warrior class at this point because they’re never even going to try to make a good legendary

Jarl is a brawling warrior whose plan is to both take and dish out a ton of damage

From where exactly? Plan already failed :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Scratch that Im thinking of sorcerer not warrior :woman_facepalming:

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Riders gear is absolute rubbish again.

Dont know why you even bother


Think you may be quoting two different dragons here…

@PGCrisis This and the blog lists Astrid as having x2 5% and x2 3% HP boosts but the CF members have her listed as having x3 3% and x1 5% HP boosts. So does she have 14% or 16% HP? Can we please get a confirmation of which percentage is correct and will actually be staying that way?

Yea I mentioned that in a later reply just forgot to edit that 1st one

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With Atlas seemingly not expanding any time soon and the gap increasing between those with Atlas and without, why not have at least Legendary gear, make it so it cannot be upgraded and the season line now offers the same gear to Atlas and non Atlas players, while giving those without Atlas something that will actually beef them up … epic gear does nothing for non Atlas players since they can’t upgrade it.

I just don’t understand what PG is thinking…

Probably hoping to sell shard packs so people can upgrade the armor, even if they don’t have altas…

Yeah pls, make a super ultra mega OVERPOWER drag.