Second Wave of Winterjól - Discussion Thread


I cannot see Surt surviving a rage drain and storm/red kill isle, even with pre-cast Ragnarok :man_shrugging:

GPF may want to chime in here.


if incinerate is a target instead of random, I think Surt would become viable, but let’s see the actual gameplay when its released to everyone

however, assuming that it becomes target, this is what I’ll mostly do while doing the usual normal attack.

start off with burning hatred to gain a heal charge + rage
incinerate storm/red mage/earth flak to get rid of the shield and also gain HP from burning hatred
ragnarok to clear everything else that isn’t protected anymore
burning hatred to gain back the rage


It’s been confirmed it targets red first


From the sounds of it the sorcerer will be the ultimate follow dragon. It is going to be relevant as a clean up for a well set up base well beyond its tier. It probably won’t lead very well at anything more than it’s current tier but honestly I’m fine with that. It’s good at what it does but doesn’t do everything. If I had been saving I wouldn’t have minded going for him


“Incinerate - Active | White | 2 Rage

  • Immediately deals 75% of the Dragon’s Modified HP to a random tower and restores 20% of the Dragon’s max HP. Spell has a 6 second cooldown.”

“Surt opens up on an island with Incinerate, which always prioritizes red mage towers.”

So is it random or not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Or random if no red? Or??


It’s as “random” as the gold chest contents.


Has the target been updated?
No earth flaks detected…


Red, Blue, DF, FF, IF, EF, etc. The same as Flux I guess.


Warrior looks interesting enough though :partying_face: could have been better with an adaptive flak resist or an ELEMENTAL resist, that will make it a TANK like warrior should be :partying_face:


Random, but in an logical order like spell flux…! Which is not random, but easier to write in a 1 sentence spell’s description :laughing:


“Fixed order” doesn’t take much more characters though, so it’s still funny they use the term “random” if it prioritize towers…


Wasnt shield supposed to be white spell?


so which is it ? Red or white ? Still no answer from PG
somehow I’d like to quote myself like bambam :joy:


Also in surts video the one spell is 1 rage not 0

This is huge please don’t false advertise we need clarification

@PGCrisis @Arelyna


Jarl’s Storm Shield should be a white spell. I’ll follow up with the team to see if we can get an updated video.

As far as I’m aware, Burning Hatred should not cost any rage to cast, but we have an ask out to the team right now for further clarification.


Thank you for a clarification! c:


apparently everything is subject to change so does it really matter what is said?


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I have a non-oh crap everything is screwed and we’re all going to die!!! question, can you mark towers with both Pillaging Flames and Death’s Door and if so would they stack for +45% increased damage?


Most likely not, Death’s Door explicitly didn’t stack with other tower debuffs so expect the same here. Basically a new debuff will remove the older one.