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I might put it a little more diplomatically than “false advertising,” but it is a disappointing change for Jarl’s Storm Shield to go from white to red.

I was already on the fence, slightly leaning toward unlocking him. That change tipped me the other way. It’s a bummer.


Crisis said in the stream that it’s white. Maybe just a glitch in game then…


I think I’d rather have it be red. Can’t be cancelled by a red mage and it does more damage than a white variant assuming it follows white spell patterns.


Who knows what’s going on in PG. They don’t even talk to each other it seems. Hildar was changed prior to release, Jarl too. What other changes should we expect? Stop wasting time with previews if you keep change your intents.

What a joke.


I’m watching Crisis on Twitch and it’s white. Now I’m just confused! :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Crisis just confirmed on stream that Storm Shield is intended to be white :slight_smile:


The in-game season page, blog, forum post, and in-game dragon’s den spell icons for these 2 dragons are all different from each other. Even the flight strategy for Jarl talks as if Storm Shield is a red spell, not white. Could this be clarified? Currently don’t know which is accurate.


We already are working to get this resolved. We appreciate everyone alerting us quickly.


Thank you for letting us know that it’s on the radar :slight_smile:


Incinerate seem to travel lot slower then spell flux :tired_face::tired_face: this will never reach the red mage before the storm SS activate…:thinking::disappointed::disappointed:


And? :thinking:


Trying to argue mechanics against someone who has actually flown him defended and is telling you what happens.

You taking lessons from bambam or something?

War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion

100 means that it’s a bit slower hunter fireball right?

Is it possible to hit Surt using DF SS before red mage is destroyed?

p.s. I’m talking about normal human reaction, not some experts…

Checked again, 100


What do you think about Astrid?

I’m hoarding Sigils until the very end but might be tempted to get her after Gunnar if the Festive doesn’t attract me. She does look solid with 14% Atk and 13% Hp (or 11/16 if you want the max Hp). Very oriented towards runs and looks cool with the portraits :hugs:


Still dont understand why the red mage is not protected by the storm tower…but well, you seem confident :joy:

I’ll have to try


I honestly just like the portrait too :partying_face:


Flux bypass storm shield
By flux, I mean flux family spell, which includes Incinerate and H. Bolt


I’m more interested in the Rider, I need a new one :blush:


Guess I’ll get her too once I get Festive review…


Oh, I’ll probably get the Festive’s egg, just because I’m a collector and it doesn’t cost much. I like trophies. It kinda says “I was there” and it’s fun to send them to friends to say “Hi!” :blush:

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