Secret changes PG is not telling us?

Ok so at the start of the event i didin’t get my bonus super sigil chest, i evidently sent a message to support to get my chest. As we all know support have auto reply messages that dosen’t reply correctly and after a fight with them i finally got this answer.

From what i understand (correct me if i’m wrong) but they are removing the possibility of saving the bonus chest you get from oppening 30 silver chests silver and oppening it when there is runic / super sigil chests.
Can we get a confirmation from PG staff ?
(I don’t know who to tag in this case)

Figured this would come sooner then later especially when it’s being talked about very clearly over the forum.
Well it was nice while it lasted :pensive:

Still haven’t gotten me an ammo rune :cry:


So… here goes away the carrot. Now … we get only the stick.
Thanks PG !

Monetisation, monetisation monetisation. PG is a finance run company. With a finance dept that isn’t commercial in any sense of the word.

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Well, if that’s their final answer, so be it. Pretty sad though. With that “teaser” chest, it is a lot more tempting to spend rubies after opening one and getting something nice. Figured it had to end sooner or later though…just one more reason to add to the growing list of “Why the hell do I still play this game?!”


I was expecting this change with the last update. They mentioned it would be happening, it just came later than expected.

I guess this means Silver Chests are now about 100% more useless than before unless they improve them (which I’m guessing they won’t, because they want us all to spend money on Runic Chests don’t they?) :t_rex:


They did? Where?

In the update notes of a past update

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Why they want to change this ? It was one the easiest “great” runes that wasn’t that easy. If they reduce runic chest cost to 6k for example i would be ok with this change. But as we all know they won’t do it :money_mouth_face:

I spent more time than I meant to looking for the update announcement that mentioned the change. Oh well, if you say they mentioned it, I’m sure they did. Was most likely in a stream or something though, cause, ya know, that’s where the official stuff gets posted…

I can confirm the bonus chest “trick” will no longer work.

It worked previously because the bonus chest for the silver/runic/sigil was “chest3.”

PG has removed old chests from the game code (chests that have not been used in a long time). This freed up the numbers needed too for each chest to be unique.

There is also now no advantage to opening 10 at once, except for time (or cost, if you’re spending rubies).

The loss of the free bonus is unfortunate… But I do not see it as unexpected. It was good while it lasted.


TBH, it’s quite obvious that it wasn’t supposed to work the old way, pretty much on every level. It’s not really about monetization or profit so much as it is about the game functioning as intended and being consistent.

If you can purchase 20 silver chests at 8k rubies and use that to pad the bonus meter for a sigil chest, you’ve basically “saved” 2k rubies over what you should. That comes across as sloppy game design, and if it weren’t in your favor you’d be flooding support with tickets about it.

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So, now that they took away this lovely glitch can we get rid of this terrible animation and ancient graphics?

This one I think they actually did say was coming…annoying but at least announced.

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Off topic,but also about bonus chest
Is it ok,that I’m gett rear drop from bonus chest in Atlas?
How it’s bonus then?Means,that it’s just free?

So if this is how it’s going to work now, can we get a “dust all of it” option for after we open 10 silver chests because that is basically all silver chests are… well not “good” but what they’ll ever be used for now.


This :point_up_2:

This is very sad indeed. Silver chests are a well know useless chests that are outdated and serves a majority of old lame spells that went until green or gold tier.

The runic chests are what the actual silver should be, and with a tweak on some spells from at least gold tier onwards. Would it be a great “freebie” to us? Definitely not. What’s the use of having runes that can’t equip any dragon? Just wisdom and rage that come seldom.

And runic chests are 9k. Like really? This freebie was just a taste of something somewhat useful. they’re not worth that price, definitely… Just redo this PG, its illogical and plainly ridiculous

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Silver chests are just another problem with scaling. They’re useful in the beginning when you’re using the early dragons, but eventually become obsolete since they can’t scale up for the rest if the dragons. Just look at the different rune ranks, they follow the same colors as the dragons, red, purple, blue, orange, and green. Everything is still designed with green being the end goal. To go back to my architecture analogy, the foundation of the game was built to end at green, but PG decided to keep building past that limit without strengthening the foundation, and everything is suffering as a result.

In my personal opinion, I believe PG is trying to build Atlas as the new foundation while slowly killing off everything related to the old foundation. They’ve already killed off the old events, the storyline and lore bits, and even the old text and button backgrounds got replaced with this orange color. In fact, the very existence of Atlas practically nullifies the need for any leagues. Next thing you know, wars will be removed or worse, replaced, and food and lumber will be switched to gold only.