Seeing an uptick in +200 level attackers

Hi ya’ll! :rose:

I’m a level 126 but have noticed an uptick of +200s attacking me. It’s not a biggie since they aren’t farming or looting loads of stuff. But I am wondering the reason for this phenomena since my friend is experiencing the same thing. Anything happen in the upper echelons that could have caused this? :thinking:

Mostly for missions. They cant steal much from you either way

PS. Check your base to see if you have an abundant of same type towers (typical mission bases)


level 200+ has a minimum of level 90 i think to be able to get some missions done.

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Level has been 84 for the longest time. Did they increase it recently or something?

nah, just guessed since I am not in-game to check it (playing MHO so…)

I’ve seen this too - reason I believe is because I got a short base so it’s relatively quicker for those guys to run my base vs another one.

Also I’ve looked at your base and you got 2x cannons, 2x lightnings and 2x storms - common towers that may come up in missions.

Another reason maybe they are doing egg token missions :man_shrugging:t2:

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If you have a strong base and high lvl farms high lvls will hit you assuming they get lots of food without putting any effort.
Having multiple towers of one type could also explain that as poited above

No, high levels get a cut off of what we can take from lower levels, I’m level 232 still a baby, I don’t pick on anyone lower then 220 depends what drag I use but that’s me. To me it’s clearly egg token missions which if you’re level 84 or higher we can hit

Thanks. It doesn’t bother me … just curious. :slightly_smiling_face:

Strange that it would show two storm towers since one is being upgraded. Maybe the game is slow to update. Thanks for checking on my base. :hugs:

I’m over 200 and the primary reason I go after lower level bases is an abundance of trebuchets when I get those egg missions. It is hard to find bases with more than one trebuchet once you pass 180, most don’t even have one.

I’ve heard of higher levels having the same issue with trebs. Just in case you didn’t know, there is a mission base called MicroDoc with 8 trebs. It’s level 89 so would count towards you mission. :grin:

Try my base, I have three trebs out as I’ve just made it mission/xp Base today.

Edit: I’m lvl 146

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Try EggMission @XPfarmsLooseX1 team.

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