Seeking advice for what to do with these sigils

Okay, I want the groups advice.

I’m level 62 about to become 63. Current season dragons- Aibrean and Nollaig. I’m at tile 38 on both of them.
In stable : Ettin, Amarok, Kirin, Munin and a breeder or two.
Following Red’s breeding guide. Have 30k tokens. Next breeding step is whalegnawer for 100k tokens
Currently have 31k rubies
Currently 67 mystic fragments
Current have 1185 sigils
Elite account. Won’t spend more than that.

Here’s my dilemma:
I don’t believe I can gain enough sigils to access the glyphs for either dragon before the end of the season even if I spent every last ruby. Maybe I am wrong.

Should I:
Go after the sapphire stone of a dragon
Go after the breeding bonus and pick up the gold chests, elemental embers and mystic fragments
Pick up oksana rider
Hold onto my rubies and save for summer dragon(s)
Wait until next week and see what happens. Maybe I will hit a sigil jackpot somehow.

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom.

If you do not use them you lose them. Breeding bonus

I would get Oksana’s first page if you can afford it.
If not Saphire stone for Aibrean.
As for breeding bonus it won’t help now because there is less than 2 weeks of the season.

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I suggest going for the Sapphire stone for Aibrean, too.

This is what my fabulous leaders taught me about seasonal progress

It is a great idea to start with the Breeding Token Boost, as it doubles the payout for the blimp missions for the entire season, which helps you big time during the 4 weekly breeding events, and it’s easy to get the research eggs, too, that way.

Then you have 2 options to choose from: either go for

  • the discounted dragon (those prizes will come in handy) or
  • the discounted rider (first page costs a 3150 sigils or so)

As you are only E2P, (just like myself) I advise you to stick to one seasonal dragon and finish it.

How come? Whalegnawer can be obtained at lv 70 or more…

Anyway, you’ve got roughly 7k sigils (assuming that you buy Super Sigil)
Option =

  1. Spend all in one branch. Next event, probably you can get 1k or more sigils. Hopefully, it’s enough.
  2. Pick any branch giving the most gold chest, but keep them for next season. And don’t buy any chest (unless you really need some gold chests)

My advice would be try to get at least Oksana rider (1st page) use abit of rubies if need to :slight_smile:
:arrow_forward: Rider never really expire and they give a alright buff when they get to max lvl (especially her attack and hp buff). Gear wise you will be able to get them once you have atlas sooner or later

:arrow_forward: Rubies wise save it. (if you are good at hunter, save it till fall season (mythic hunter if they do follow the flow)). (if you are great at warrior, see if the summer warrior skill/abilities set if it is any good)

:arrow_forward: Lastly Sapphire stone of a dragon (Aibrean)

:arrow_forward: Don’t get the token boost since it is about to end. (Only get it at the start if you will be super active to constantly do missions). Other than that, getting it now have not much help other than the fragments. (NOT ADVICE)

I hope it help :slight_smile: :smile:

Next breeding step from my alt is Whale/Cons, but I’m having to wait for the base to grow up a bit before I can get there :laughing: The OP’s statement is certainly plausable, just not implementable yet.

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I would get Oksanas first page as far as you can. Riders are more rare and useful than a single dragon.
And i would advise you to not spend lots of rubies on super sigil chests. If you want to progress faster in the game and grow stronger, the better use for rubies is to use them on gold chests and on speeding up egg missions (but only when you have the egg token bonus next season).

The OP is asking for advice not a comparison

Agree with most peeps suggestion. Go ahead, and try to finish oksana’s first page. Even spend some rubies if you have to. She’ll be a great addition to a dragon you complete all the stones for next season. In the future. It’s best to stick to one seasonal dragon, rider, or token boost page at time. Trying out new dragons is always tempting, but it’s not worth missing the prizes further along the pages.
Aibrean is a great nuke for farms, and such. But, not so great when defenders are manning the mage towers. Sapphire’s not that much of an improvement. Little over 14mil AP when boosted for me.

Save for next season.


Since he has around 1k sigils, and they can’t be transfered.

1k sigils isn’t much but better to use than waste

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