Seeking Advice on F2P Mythic

Was just wondering if someone who knows the game better than me could assess my current position as far as getting a mythic F2P is concerned. I feel like I’m starting to get close in terms of resources, but I’m in school full-time and will therefore not be able to grind nearly as much once it begins again after Christmas.

I am level 149 and fairly active.
I currently have 173k rubies.
I’m sitting on 2567 bronze and 316 gold chests and I know to open them during PvP only.
I have access to Atlas, but don’t really have good riders available to do the missions regularly.
I usually reach the 225-250 sigil prize in most events. 200 is my absolute minimum.
I can almost always finish the quests for the bonus 100 sigils per event.

How are my chances if I wanted to try for Noctarn or Fafnyr this season? Thanks!

already a thread a lot like this one :eyes:

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But this is their numbers, to many conversations in one if everyone asked “and what about me” in one thread.

Your hoarding seems very close, but the 200 sigil prizes per event really should be the 400+.

Keeping with 200 that’s say 850 Sigils per event missed average. 13 weeks for a total of 11,050 Sigils. Another 534 gold chests or 51k rubies, a lower of both combo works too.


Thank you! Could I reasonably expect to get that many rubies/golds through prizes over the course of the season?

I’m really bad at math. :relieved:

The game is full time itself… it is possible as what was already answered in a lot of thread but will require a lot of time and patience :wink:

Yes u can

You certainly should have enough. At this point regular elite only really helps with eggs, the rest is pretty irrelevant. Im E2P and got Gig starting this season with 2700 bronze, 130 gold chests and 100k rubies and am ending the season with 199 gold chests and 97k rubies.

You want to make sure to get the discount while discounted. You want to push for at least the 425/450 prize, higher in fort events. Make a plan each event and set a goal for yourself. I usually do 200 inner fires below what I started with. Anything I get from chests or the event count as extras to be used. So if I start the event with 1000 then I want to end with 800.

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This is a popular question right now lol

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Step up. As you have enough resources, try 450 -500 sigils each events.


New season, shiny new dragons… everyone’s thinking about it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll put some thought into it. I definitely need to be sure I’m willing to commit before I start burning resources… messed that up in another game and am still paying for it. :disappointed_relieved:

Also make sure you like what is being offered that season. Dont go for one just for the hell of it. I did that and while I did like my Corthanak, I’d probably have been better off getting Fomhar instead and then making Pathox my first mythic

A little bit easier now that you get to pick 2 of the branches :slightly_smiling_face:

Very much so… though I dont like either winter mythic so that’s causing a problem for me now

Blow all your chests the first week during pvp. You’ll get plenty of timers, tokens, IF and energy to use most of the season. At least enough to hit the 450 every event and close out the discount during the discount period. Anything over the 450 sigil mark is wasting rss for a F2P.

Save your rubies unless you need something.

You’ll make mythic easy.

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Open chest during pvp until you get 1000 energy and 1000 inners. This will be needed for pvp and reach the 450 sigil prize each week. Save rubies until sigil chest are released and you will have your mythic :+1:

Search this forum for spreadsheet vault and make a copy of the Season Planner and fill it out instead of guessing and hoping and gambling.

There’s also a PVP Event Planner in there if you need to figure out reasonable amounts of energy and inner fire to spend to get a certain points target. I suspect the 200-225 sigil achievements are too low with those resources, but i haven’t done the math and don’t see why I would when there’s a sheet someone’s created to do it for all of us.

Also if it’s going to be a strain on resources or time make sure you go for a mythic you really want, not just any mythic for the sake of having a mythic. Not liking your dragon is a bad feeling.

This goes for all these mythic calculation threads, except maybe the level 50 cause his level and probable lack of game knowledge limit his ability to put up numbers or estimate unless he’s a sociopathic texonesian accountant or something.

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I wish people would stop telling other players to do this because it is terrible advice. Use your rubies to do well in events and dont hinder your progress for the sake of getting a mythic. Dont go crazy spending your rubies but use them wisely. Figure out what you still need and if you need more gold chests or if you’re doing good and can stop spending rubies on them. Never hinder your own progress for a dragon

Sigil chests should only be used to finish your final key up. If you have to buy almost an entire line then you probably shouldnt be going after the mythic


Go all out in the first 2 weeks to complete the discount dragon line (and possibly up to at least 100% egg token boost).

The amount of rubies you have should complete one line so if you can complete one line in the rest of the season you should be able to do it.

I think it’s 31k sigils per line so over the 11 remaining weeks that’s roughly 2800 sigils per week. That is definitely doable.

It helps with getting a mythic, but I agree it’s not worth the stunted growth it causes.

If anything, I’d say try to save all your rubies until the next discount week. Bronze chests too, if you can do so without getting totally stuck in the season.

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