Seeking Even More Clarification

So @PGJared @Arelyna @PGCrisis you can be banned from the forums for being “toxic” but players who had their account banned for cheating/modding have not been banned from the fourms. So…cheating is not “toxic”? I am confused here, please help me to understand this.

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Its toxic towards pg for being a coward for cheating, but being ‘mean’ to the forums peeps is veeeeeery dangerous - so they need to ban toxic forum people rather than cheaters, as they Feed the whales. …but the forum criminals dont have a use for em

I must have missed what you did beyond honesty (brutal at times, granted…) giving feedback to people and players. I don’t think the couple of “mine is bigger than yours” exchanges with a select few should have caused a ban.



Really? This again?

Honestly, why can’t you ask them in a PM?

Not everyone who cheats finds their way to the forums. If they do, and they post, we’re fine banning them when we explicitly say that all account appeals need to be done through support.

Like any other user on the forums, banned in-game or not, we expect civil discourse on here and will suspend users who display toxic or abusive behavior that oppose the Code of Conduct. There’s no automated way to ban forums users who were banned in-game; this would be an entirely manual process so we don’t proactively ban cheaters from the Forums unless they, too, are violating the Code of Conduct or attempting to force an appeal outside of support.

Doesn’t that send a bit of a mixed message? I know you guys are pretty lax about cheating, negligent at best and supportive at worst. But glad to know that they are two entirely separate things that have no bearing on each other.

This again? A legitimate question? Honestly, what can’t you ask them in a PM? :smiley:

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