Seeking Help for the next PvP event

I am looking to see info anyone would be willing to let my team and i use their high level alt. Last PvP we had a player who bullied us in the event. With this week’s new shuffle the bully team is shuffled in with us and I already know they are going to bully us again. Since the last PvP they have been farming some of our players. So I figured I would see if anyone would be willing to join us for the event. The bully player is a level 410 with a defense of a little over 1B. If anyone would be able to help, that would be greatly appreciated.

We are in gold 4


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Fight pits is a little different because you can try to not be in the same pit with them.

In fact they’ll have to try hard to both beat you down and remain in the same pit with you – winners are elevated (or remain in the top pit) while losers are dropped (or remain if already in the bottom).

Good luck though. There seem to be plenty of high level players hopping around in gold who might have a justice jones to help you here.


Actually, in Fight Pits, it’s possible to avoid one team completely. Just aim at different spot (promoted / stay) when placed in the Pits, and Tadaa… You’ll be in different group from that one team as long as both of you’re not staying.

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I know how fit pit works. But I am still seeing if there is a chance to get help just in case.

There’s not really much a team of one can do to you in FP. They will be an easy target if there is anyone else in your league high enough to hit them so they cant do much to you this event unless they’re going to drop a small fortune just to harrass you. You’re in GIV so if your team is active you’ll end up in the Coliseum while he is down in the pit.

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All these talks about bullying :man_facepalming:t3: You cant help but be attacked, it’s a pvp event. You can remain in the pits though if you wish. Recruiting a high level player for pvp sake is not a solution. Just saying :grin:

All you need on your team is 1 player who can beat him (he has a super easy base, anyone L330 and above should be able to wipe him cleanly)

Convince all other teams to gang up on him if they have someone who can beat him, and there is nothing else he can do except spend a ton of $$ to try and compete with several other teams each round.


This makes me giggle :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:.

Anyway, good luck to you :hugs:


Butt hmm what does one player get for helping

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