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Hi guys, I currently have a level 40 base which I not upgrading as fast as it initially started. Just recently I got a hang of the seasons system. I am a free to play player.
If someone could guide me what is the realistic way to get stronger and how much in what time frame that would be good. I like the game and am quite active although none of the higher guilds will be be willing to take me since I have just started the game. I got Arboralith since that was the cheapest and got till platinum egg and only later realized that upgrade was blocked due to level capping so if someone can guide me how to go about the new season that would be good. Since I want to play well and progress and also contribute in any way I can.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely

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Sure! Send me a pm. I’ll gladly help :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

The best advice I can give you is build up and NOT out. Focus on leveling 1 island till your towers are capped then and then only do you start on a 2nd island. Once your towers on your kill island are no longer capped you put all your attention into them and repeat cycle.

A really good question that’s not often asked this directly. We tend to let people get most help from their team, but that help varies in quality.

I think pick a breeding path, take note of the levels you need to be to get each dragon and the egg tokens, and plan your breeds and builds to get as far as you can in each four week cycle. Look for a team that has atlas, does well in pvp events for its league, and has people playing when you play that can help you.

A lot depends on how much time you play. Right now your limiting factors are probably egg tokens and the xp to get dragons breedable, and chests to help with your building and pvp supplies, and all those things are somewhat grindable.

Edit : recommend Shivenzo’s YouTube channel as a source of guides.


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