Seeking new fun

Looking for highly atlas active players (Recruiting)
LFM – sapphire 1BloodnBonez


Language: English (main), German Chinese Spanish
Time Zone: 24/7
Played time: any
Age Range: >21
Elite Account?: YES.

Highest Lineage Dragon: legendary artisan

Wanted: one who Desires or IS be a grinder in atlas and all events. Activity comes first.

We seek multiple adult humour, atlas aggressive players to join our team.

We offer usual sapphire 1 daily egg tokens plus good castle bonuses.
Bare Basic requirements are 5/5 quests and 8/8 main event, but higher scores strongly preferred (to stay competitive).

Troops minimum and minimum monthly active kills are part of team requirements.

Interested please contact: leader in game.


Too much requirements for an very average s1 team.

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Well they’re looking for people very active in main game and atlas events so it would make sense :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t think even very active diamond teams need that requirement. To each their own.

S1 and diamond teams need a new criteria : swap percentage imo.
How much of their kills are actually from hitting enemy castles, and not from nml swaps and guard swaps.

Flagging myself off topic


I don’t think it was off topic. You were just stating that higher teams don’t have that requirement

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Some do some don’t. I don’t require elites but I strongly recommend it. It’s hard to do well without it


Join DivineMasters…hehehe

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Please don’t apply to our team. Seek the diamond teams that fits you. Many thanks

Lol, yeah I won’t don’t worry :rofl:
I don’t wanna play with alliance gankers and swappers

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