Seeking platinum team 2 players 442 and 75


I have been in a competitive team for many years with requirements to remain on the team.I want to relax without having those obligations of pvp events. in cria and fort events if I would like to reach the final team prize of 1200 sigils.I also want to forget that every day they declare wars on us (I also want to avoid it).
Have enough castle for a good bonus. That I have an alliance but that I allow myself to attack others, I want to enjoy Atlas without restrictions.
troops: 2M

I am level 442
I would like to join a team and let a friend who is level 75 join me and help him.

If anyone is interested please answer to be with the atlas bonus :slight_smile: And the name of the team.

A cordial greeting.

Arjue from Hexus for the lv 442.

no idea for the lv 75. -but wouldnt exactly matter if the dude’s active enough.

specify the numbers you want, btw.

Hi Arjue,
DK50 is a platinum 4 team with Atlas. This will help your friend level 75 to grow faster. We dont have a castle and we are looking for players that help us grow together. We have around 2 wars weekly. We have no obligation of reaching the last team prize. We just ask all our teammates to do their best. Join us and fly your dragons with us
You will be welcome.

Check out “SithBlades”

Breadnought is better position then dreadnought, in alphabetical

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Try us hungry4kaos


Hello check 50Kings out only plat 3
We have room for 2

My P1 team is currently looking for some more people, our team min is 200 but we always make exceptions for family and friends. We like to fck sht up in all aspects of the game.

I’m not sure what bonus you are asking about with atlas but we get around 800 egg tokens I think. I just claim them 🤷

P1 HostileIntent