Seeking slightly crazy adult team


If the fact that I used the word team instead of guild bothers you, stop reading now…we’re not a good fit.

I’m a fun, beer drinking, active player I was with the same team from lvl 12-50 till a couple dumb a@& players caused a split. The new team just isn’t the same. I’m looking for a fun active team that’s a little crazy / off the wall. I love to compete, but having fun is just as…no…even more important. If I sound like a fit send me a message in game. I’m lvl 54, have capped Amarok, Hugin, and Munin and have no issues attacking 15-20 levels above mine…even when slightly inebriated. IGN is Flazz


Aahhhh…I’ve found a home. Thanks for the messages!!


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