Seeking Struggling Atlas Team

LFT – level 75-360, ChefJen Leader of TitansBR, league: Sapphire III


Played time:OVER 3 YEARS
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Hext
Highest Lineage Dragon: Wydrian

About: hello Atlas teams! I’m the leader of a sapphire III team without Atlas. Tired of waiting to get in. So I’m hunting for an Atlas team that is perhaps struggling, unable to keep a full roster, on the verge of disbanding, etc etc. I run a tight ship and have maybe 3-6 members that are “replaceable”. The rest are solid. Active or very active status on all members.
I’m also willing to turn over leadership of my team in trade.
To Summarize:
*If your team can take 30+ members
*Can liberate at least one officer spot (leader desired but not necessary)
*want to have/run a sapphire team (otherwise I’ll disband it)
The hit me up! My IGN: ChefJen. LINE ID: chefjen. Email and iMessage:
Thanks in advance!

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