Seeking troublemakers - LFM


LFM - G1/P4 - UnitedinHonor

Language: trash-talking
Time Zone: addicted/obsessed
Played time: long enough to be addicted
Age Range: 18+ (so we don’t get in trouble)
Elite Account?: :point_left: THIS is helpful but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: base destroying badasses
Highest Lineage Dragon: something divine

We have a lot of fun. We want more players who like having fun. We have atlas and castles. We have an alliance. We war as often as we can without slingshotting ourselves up to Sapphire. We take the game WAY too seriously and are ALWAYS on Line helping one another with quest runs, xp runs, and picking/finishing fights.

We are full, but we have room. We have some alts that need to rotate to an ally team, so we are looking to bring in some new blood to join our family. Player level is not as important as commitment to the team, and your ability to understand and follow team strategy. We have rules, but we keep things fun (because winning is fun).

If you are interested in getting stronger, making close friends, enjoying staying up late burning bases and talking trash, and waging wars across league and atlas…then apply.

If you don’t like doing quests and wars and winning PVP events…then don’t apply.

Message me in game if you are interested in checking us out.


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We’re fun bunch of hoomans, animals and some even identify as inanimate objects, come join the fun


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